Monday, April 25, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Battle of the Bulge

When I was 30 I complained that 116 lbs was more than I wished to be. Hahahahaha.

I wish I was the weight I was when I thought I was fat...isn't that the expression?

Now I am 48 and weighing 130 lbs. My jeans are tight.

We are still going to the gym at a God-awful time of the morning (4:10 a.m.). We work out between thirty and forty five minutes. Then we sit in the massage chair for ten minutes. That's the highlight of our morning.

Something needs to change. 

I truly believe that we can work out as often as we want and still not see any results. I believe it's what we are consuming. According to Alton Brown, all you have to do is these few things and you will lose weight.  

"Brown changed his eating habits in 2009 in order to lose weight and become healthier, losing 50 pounds  over the course of nine months."


  • fruits
  • whole grains
  • leafy greens
  • carrots
  • green tea

Three Times a Week

  • oily fish
  • yogurt
  • broccoli
  • sweet potatoes
  • avocado

Once a Week

  • red meat
  • pasta
  • dessert
  • alcohol (yes, this means one drink a week)


  • fast food (Chick-fil-a....sniff sniff)
  • soda
  • processed meals
  • canned soups
  • "diet" anything

Why are people overweight? I think it's because we don't know how to eat. WE don't know what a portion size is. We don't know how many calories are in a food item. We don't even know how many calories we are suppose to take in daily.

I asked Amanda how many calories was in the 4 oz of orange juice she was drinking. She said 3000. Ha ha. See what I mean? There are 55 calories or 110 in 8 oz of orange juice.

  • to lose it's 1200 calories a day
  • to maintain it's 1500 calories a day
  • to gain it's 1600 calories a day

So how many calories do you take in daily. Just start writing it down. Down change anything the first day. Just write everything down. 

Chicken nuggets, french fries, and a fried chicken sandwich are arranged for a photograph during an event ahead of the grand opening for a Chick-fil-A restaurant in New York, U.S., on Friday, Oct. 2, 2015.

Chick-fil-a sandwich = 440 calories
Waffle fries (small) = 310 calories
Strawberry shake (small) = 570 calories


That is 1320 calories (if my math is correct). So now do you see what I mean about people not knowing what they are eating?!

This is my journal for Monday:


Steel Cut Oatmeal - 1/4 cup = 150 cal.
Raspberry preserves - 2 TB = 50 cal.
Peanut Butter (the real stuff made only with peanuts) 1 TB = 145 calories!

1 banana = 105 cal.
1 cutie (halo) = 40 cal.


Salad - mixed greens, red peppers, walnuts, craisins, sunflower seeds, broccoli, feta cheese and hb egg white.
I don't know but I would guess about minimum 300 calories. I will have to measure everything out next time. I bet I will be shocked at how many calories are in my healthy salad.
Yogurt dressing - 2 TB = 40 cal.

Apple - half = 58 cal.

Guestimating amounts:

Red peppers 1 cup - 46 cal.
5 walnuts = 131 cal. (OH MY!)
Craisins 1 TB  = 23 cal.
Sunflower seeds 1 TB = 51 cal.
broccoli (2 flower clusters) = 22 cal.
HB egg white = 17 (I like the whole egg. The flavor is in the yolk but AmandaGrace only wants to eat the yolk so I get the left overs).
Feta Cheese  1 TB = 80 cal.


White beans - 1/2 cup = 110 cal (will eat less)
Tomatoes - canned - 1/4 cup = 20 cal. 
Spinach - 1 cup = 7 cal. (YES. I finally found something I can eat more of!)
Shredded cheddar cheese - 3 tsp. = 81 cal.
Sour Cream - 1 TB = 23 cal.
1 cup chicken = 335 cal.  (WOW, eating only 1/2 cup next time).

1 cutie = 40 cal.

Other things I tend to eat (or drink):

Avocado = 322 cal. (I never eat the whole thing. But I could. I LOVE them!)
HB eggs = 78 cal.
Scrambled egg = 91 cal.
Dannon Blueberry Greek yogurt = 130 cal.
Almond milk original 8 oz = 60 cal.
Chai Tea (Bolthouse) 8 oz = 170 cal.


I said to AmandaGrace that most of us probably consume an easy 1000 calories at each meal! That would be somewhere around 3000 minimum for the day. Let's not even talk about Ben & Jerry. Those guys are killing me with their Phish Food.

Researching all this is making me hungry. Ha ha. Just kidding. It's actually wearing me out and we haven't even started the National Park poster and the Science Fair poster. I guess I need to figure out a plan and just eat those things. I have already decided to eat dessert once a week. That's a very hard task for me. It gets me thinking about the choices I am making. I think all of my choices are good ones but a few need to be improved. 

Check your BMI and know what you need to weigh. For a woman who is 5 feet tall, I could weigh anywhere between 95-127 lbs. I don't ever want to weigh less than 120 lbs. You need to have meat on your bones. Skinny is not attractive. It just makes you look like you are poor and in need of a meal.

Healthy needs to always be our goal. Remember that. Someone can weight 125 lbs. and be unhealthy and unfit when someone 150 lbs can be eating right and exercising. Remember this also, it's just a number.

Let me know how you are doing. It's always better to do this with someone!