Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thirty Thankfuls

2. work-out buddy, my personal chef, my scrabble opponent, my husband!
3. soul
4. heart on the outside
5. Neighbors who take us in on a whim.
6. little buddy
7. Family
8. Neighbors who are family.
10. Co-op moms 
11. Teachers who go the extra mile
12. My Bible
13. Home School opportunity this year
14. Mercy
15. Music
16. Coach Gene
17. Coach Mike
18. Dirty Dishes which means we have food to eat.
19. Laundry which means we have more than the clothes on our back.
20. Messy house which means I don't live alone.
21. Bathrooms to clean which means we have plumbing.
22. One a.m. service calls to fix the heater
23. Heat
24. Scrabble battles
25. Friends who just "get me".
26. Nap time
27. Freedom
28. Grace
29. Unanswered prayers (which were really answered with a no).
30. Another day to be thankful.

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