Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Season

My heart & my soul

I feel like time is speeding by. It was summer just a minute ago, wasn't it? How long will it take me to catch you up on everything that has been going on since school started? Hours I am certain. But I hope to give you the abbreviated version as to not keep you up too late. It is almost ten and morning comes way too quickly for me.

I feel like people ask "How are you" and I say "Doing well" when in reality, I am not always.


Curtis and I have celebrated two years with Planet Fitness in October. I don't feel like I am in good shape. Sugar still has a hold on me. It's as addicting as cocaine and seven times harder to quit the habit. (I heard that little fact on Chopped). We have compromised and decided that 4:30 am was a good time to get up.

He came home early today and took us out to lunch. (I got dessert). While Amanda and Robert (who is now THREE) were playing pinball and the crane game, Curtis looked at me and said "You love your life, don't you?" And I said YES I DO. I may not be a trainer for a fortune 500 company anymore but I will NEVER look back and say I wish I had worked more. As I get older, I want to work less, actually. Don't you?

Speaking of older...when I hit forty seven I started having female issues. I am having a consult tomorrow to get all of this taken care of. I will keep you posted on those results.

Worthy of Love:

AmandaGrace began her Senior year. She has been accepted at the community college and will have a duel major of Vocal Music Performance and ASL (American Sign Language) next Fall. She has a plan and I couldn't be more proud to see her maturing in to a responsible young lady. She will go to school part time while working the rest of the time.

And if you believe in coincidences, AmandaGrace has failed a few hearing tests. It's been very frustrating but God has never taken His eyes off of her. We are in the process of looking for consistency regarding the level of "slight loss". I have been to the ENT twice, the IU twice and CHOP twice. We are following up with the ENT again next week. A lot of time and energy has been spent but I am confident that the outcome will be the one that God wants for her.

I will keep you posted on the results.

This is AmandaGrace's TWELVE year of Irish Dancing. She will be competing in the New England Irish Dance Competition this month at the Great Wolf Lodge. We are all going. It should be a good time!

God is my judge:

Soccer, the never ending sport keeps us busy between three to five days a week. The regular season just ended. There are two tournaments in November and then in-door begins. Outdoor practice is three nights a week until it's too cold to practice. But it keeps Daniel in shape and off the Xbox.

Home school is going well. He has Chemistry, Tabernacle (Old Testament, Exodus) and American Geography through the Co Op (which is home school moms teaching each others children in a classroom setting). It's once a week with four days of independent work. It's like taking college classes. But the best part is Daniel really enjoys it.

In addition to those classes, he has a Grammar workbook, an on-line Algebra class and I teach Literature. We have just completed the reading portion of To Kill a Mockingbird. You can pray for us regarding the on-line class. We are struggling to keep up and have fallen grossly behind. Thanks so much.

When Daniel was falling behind in sixth grade, I requested the District test him for a learning disability. It was denied because he was on grade average. I requested a second eval in the Spring of seventh grade when he was still in middle school. It was approved but the paperwork got misplaced so the eval did not take place until October. I just received the TWENTY EIGHT page document over the weekend.

CONCLUSIONS - Determination of Eligibility and Educational Needs.


Primary disability category: Other Health Impairment (ADHD-Combine Presentation and Executive Functions)

 The student has a disability AND is in need of specially designed instruction,                                   and therefore IS ELIGIBLE for special education.

Lots of mixed emotions and definitely happy tears were shed when I read that. Finally. My son will not be viewed as just a goof off, discipline problem. He might still be one but now there can be support given where assistance is needed.

It's been a loooong twelve years with Amanda's struggles. My prayer is that I am wiser the second time around.

(By the way...AmandaGrace's evaluation reads that she has a disability but was not in need of specially designed instruction or special education. Just accommodations.)

Again, God has always been with us. His grace is sufficient. Our help comes from the Lord. He will give us rest when we are weary. We will cast our cares on Him. I have done many things wrong over the years with these two, I confess. But there is nothing that I could confess that could ever make Jesus love me less. He is my ROCK that I stand on. The Strong Tower I run to for refuge!


Now I can't forget my little buddy Robert who I have the honor of hanging out with 40+ hours a week. He has started pre-school twice a week and is enjoying co-op with me once a week. While Daniel learns the states, Robert is learning also. He already knows the capital of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. I am working on Delaware with him.

So next time you ask me "How are you?" and I respond with "Doing Well", you will know just what I am talking about.

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