Sunday, July 12, 2015

Relay For Life 2015

Relay for Life of Eastern Montgomery County raised $118,351.17.

The Journey Begins Here raised $3,475.00

This is our 2015 team. Well some of us. The photographer was not organized and took the photo without the team captains (me, Kimberly and Jeannette). This is the second photo however Ashley and Kayla didn't make this one. Mike didn't arrive yet and Aunt Virg had already left.

The Journey Begins Here

Sending cancer To Neverland!

Daniel was winning and at the last second Amanda pulled it over her head to take the prize. She received two movie tickets and a Cold Stone Creamery gift card (which she graciously gave to her brother).

Frozen T-shirt contest

My Nieces!
Ashley & Kayla (with Jeannette)

Curtis always has to have those sunglasses on!

cancer fears the Kriers

And a few photos from years past!

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