Sunday, May 3, 2015

What do you do all day?

I am sure that is a question that many of us Stay at Home Moms have heard for years. I know that it's a question for Daniel now that he is Home Schooled. Maybe it's even a question you are having.

Do you have a schedule? Do you let him sleep all day and stay up all night? Is he playing video games all day? How many hours is he sitting at the table doing work? Does he have to take Standardized tests? Do you have to test him? Do you have to prove something to someone? Do  you lesson plan? How do you do this with a two year old?

I don't know what your questions are. So leave a comment and I will address them.

  1. No, we don't have a written schedule. We have a routine. It is very loose.
  2. He does not have a bed time. I encourage him to go to bed by 10 pm. I think he is asleep by 10:30.
  3. I do not wake him in the morning. He is asleep at 8 am when I leave for Roberts. So I believe he is getting at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night. He is not waking up tired.
  4. He has not been playing Xbox at all. I guess that might have just been a winter thing. He does play Clash of Clans on his phone. He likes to watch YouTube on his phone also.
  5. He doesn't sit at the table at all. There is not a time constraint with Home School. I just have to complete the year (which was 48 days). I am following the same calendar he was on. He will finish on June 12th unless we decide to work during a weekend. It's completely flexible. He works until he is finished. If it takes him 20 minutes to get through the math lesson, then he is finished.
  6. He does not have to take a Standardized test until the 8th grade. In the state of PA the requirements are only for grades 3, 5 and 8. He will be tested in the fall since he is in 7th grade now.
  7. I don't have to test him. It's my decision. I use Quizlet as a study tool. I enter the material in to the system. Daniel uses the flashcards and takes the tests right on the laptop.
  8. I have to present a portfolio of his work to the Bucks County Advisor for evaluation, which is a sample of what we have been doing.
  9. I have a plan book and I am doing my own thing. I can cyber school or use materials provided by a company. Or I could do my own thing ,which is what I am basically doing.
  10. Robert is the best two year old you will ever meet. I have been blessed with a low maintenance child to watch.
What else are you wondering?

I start my day at 4 am and go to the gym. I have been having health issues since the beginning of March that has prevented me from being active. It's been a long March and April, with lots of stress. But I am feeling better and worked out three days this week.

I shower and make lunches then see Curtis off at 6 am. I see Amanda out the door at 6:30. Some days I drive her to school. It has been a special time for us. We listen to praise music and she reads her Duck Dynasty devo. At 7 am I have quiet time on the back patio. At 7:30 I walk the dog. I am out the door to Robert's house by 8:15.

I have one on one with Robert from 8:30 until 10 am. We talk, eat breakfast, watch Disney and play.

At 10 am Daniel joins us for his breakfast. This is when we do devotions.

Then sometimes I read out loud or sometimes we go to the playground and read and play now that the weather is nice. The English book I chose is:

Tuck Everlasting

This is a fifth grade book however Daniel had such a miserable fifth grade year that his class never read it. Amanda remembers reading it.

I don't know why I chose it but I did. I found an entire study packet on line that we are following. At the end of the packet it addresses the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

For Social Studies I am using the book The Mystery of History Volume 2. It starts with Pentecost:

Pentecost is celebrated fifty days (i.e. 49 days with the first day counted, seven weeks) after Easter Sunday, hence its name. Pentecost falls on the tenth day after Ascension Thursday (which falls 40 days after Easter).

May 24th 2015

I found that to be appropriate since we started the text the day after Easter (April 6th).

For science, well everything can be a science lesson. We are growing a garden. Daniel will be required to know the names of the vegetables and herbs as well as the scientific names. We celebrated Earth Day by creating a craft and picking up trash in our neighborhood. This is one of those areas that I am not very structured.

But Math, is another story. This is the most structured subject. I am following the text and the lessons that are on the school's website. His math teacher was wonderful. He misses her. She was very organized and made it easy for us to follow her when he wasn't organized.

You might not understand that or even think about that because your kid just writes down the assignments, brings home the material and completes the work. You might not even know the teacher's name. When a kid can't get it together during the day, it is necessary for the teacher to have an organized website so the parent can come along side them and assist.

Daniel is working on Geometry. It's difficult. I have the problems and the answers. Then I have to figure out how to complete the problem and teach it to Daniel. Khan Academy is such a great tool. Actually, the internet itself is awesome. There isn't any question that I can't find the answer to. We are muddling (bring into a disordered or confusing state) through the material together.

Daniel completes his P.E. requirement with soccer. He practices three nights a week and has one to two games on the weekends.

He can attend any music event to complete that requirement. Daniel had art the first two marking periods. We do  have a field trip planned to visit the Princeton Art Museum.

So when do we do all of this? The majority of the work is done during nap time. Robert is ready for nap by 12:30. He is exhausted and worn out from Daniel chasing him. He is asleep by 1 and awake by 3. That gives us two and a half hours to get the work done.

At 3 pm, Daniel goes to ride his bike or hang with his buddy and Robert and I have one-on-one time again.

So let's review:

8:30 to 10 am - Robert time
10 to 12:30 - Robert and Daniel
12:30 to 3 - Daniel time
3:00 to 4 pm - Robert time

Is there anything I missed? You let me know in the comment section, please.

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