Sunday, March 29, 2015

After NVBC

After NVBC, I was chillin on the couch with Patches watching Triple D and nodding off. My three were out and about and I was enjoying the quiet time. I was prompted to read more from Amy Carmichael. I am so glad I didn't quench that urge.

"I will share my crumb of comfort: Do not be weighed down with 'flying' words. Do not expect your peace to come from the mouths of men (or women, my addition). And do not allow the ignorant stock phrases of the 'well' to the 'ill' to penetrate your shield. How can they, the unwounded, know anything about the matter? But the Lord our Creator knows! Thus, we can be comforted and filled with His gift, an inward sweetness. and we can thank Him even when others trample unawares upon us, talking smooth nothings." Amy Carmichael

Her prayer:

My Father, you know the things that weigh me down...hurtful words...crushing circumstances...I will be gracious when others offer "smooth nothings". I will listen for only your words, and let my spirit rest in the assurance that comes with your every whisper to me...

That is an absolute pairing to today's message!

It's time to listen to this.

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