Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thirty Thankfuls

2. work-out buddy, my personal chef, my scrabble opponent, my husband!
3. soul
4. heart on the outside
5. Neighbors who take us in on a whim.
6. little buddy
7. Family
8. Neighbors who are family.
10. Co-op moms 
11. Teachers who go the extra mile
12. My Bible
13. Home School opportunity this year
14. Mercy
15. Music
16. Coach Gene
17. Coach Mike
18. Dirty Dishes which means we have food to eat.
19. Laundry which means we have more than the clothes on our back.
20. Messy house which means I don't live alone.
21. Bathrooms to clean which means we have plumbing.
22. One a.m. service calls to fix the heater
23. Heat
24. Scrabble battles
25. Friends who just "get me".
26. Nap time
27. Freedom
28. Grace
29. Unanswered prayers (which were really answered with a no).
30. Another day to be thankful.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Congratulations AmandaGrace

I know this photo is from Spring, but I love it! And the girl in it. Today marks a very special day for this young woman (I was going to say kid but can't!) Today AmandaGrace made the honor roll. This is the first time she has done that since the eighth grade! I am so proud of her. I knew she could do it. This is also the first time she has ever gotten anything higher than a C in math. Way to go girl!!!

Business Math - 94%
Choir - 93%
Physical Education - 93%
English - 85%
Today's Food - 84%
Drama - 84%
Civics - 78%

It has been a rough ride over the last three years. There has been much struggle and tears (some from Amanda too). But mostly just a ton of prayers. It's hard to keep your eyes above and remember that God is in control all the time. Every single teacher that has crossed our paths have been hand selected for us. All of the whys and complaints may never be answered but they were all strategically planned by the Lord Himself. We have been in the palm of His hand. And for that we say thank you.

Today it's all about AmandaGrace. 

Tomorrow it's all about Daniel and his IEP. 

But tonight. Tonight it's all about how Great Are You Lord (click  here).

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Season

My heart & my soul

I feel like time is speeding by. It was summer just a minute ago, wasn't it? How long will it take me to catch you up on everything that has been going on since school started? Hours I am certain. But I hope to give you the abbreviated version as to not keep you up too late. It is almost ten and morning comes way too quickly for me.

I feel like people ask "How are you" and I say "Doing well" when in reality, I am not always.


Curtis and I have celebrated two years with Planet Fitness in October. I don't feel like I am in good shape. Sugar still has a hold on me. It's as addicting as cocaine and seven times harder to quit the habit. (I heard that little fact on Chopped). We have compromised and decided that 4:30 am was a good time to get up.

He came home early today and took us out to lunch. (I got dessert). While Amanda and Robert (who is now THREE) were playing pinball and the crane game, Curtis looked at me and said "You love your life, don't you?" And I said YES I DO. I may not be a trainer for a fortune 500 company anymore but I will NEVER look back and say I wish I had worked more. As I get older, I want to work less, actually. Don't you?

Speaking of older...when I hit forty seven I started having female issues. I am having a consult tomorrow to get all of this taken care of. I will keep you posted on those results.

Worthy of Love:

AmandaGrace began her Senior year. She has been accepted at the community college and will have a duel major of Vocal Music Performance and ASL (American Sign Language) next Fall. She has a plan and I couldn't be more proud to see her maturing in to a responsible young lady. She will go to school part time while working the rest of the time.

And if you believe in coincidences, AmandaGrace has failed a few hearing tests. It's been very frustrating but God has never taken His eyes off of her. We are in the process of looking for consistency regarding the level of "slight loss". I have been to the ENT twice, the IU twice and CHOP twice. We are following up with the ENT again next week. A lot of time and energy has been spent but I am confident that the outcome will be the one that God wants for her.

I will keep you posted on the results.

This is AmandaGrace's TWELVE year of Irish Dancing. She will be competing in the New England Irish Dance Competition this month at the Great Wolf Lodge. We are all going. It should be a good time!

God is my judge:

Soccer, the never ending sport keeps us busy between three to five days a week. The regular season just ended. There are two tournaments in November and then in-door begins. Outdoor practice is three nights a week until it's too cold to practice. But it keeps Daniel in shape and off the Xbox.

Home school is going well. He has Chemistry, Tabernacle (Old Testament, Exodus) and American Geography through the Co Op (which is home school moms teaching each others children in a classroom setting). It's once a week with four days of independent work. It's like taking college classes. But the best part is Daniel really enjoys it.

In addition to those classes, he has a Grammar workbook, an on-line Algebra class and I teach Literature. We have just completed the reading portion of To Kill a Mockingbird. You can pray for us regarding the on-line class. We are struggling to keep up and have fallen grossly behind. Thanks so much.

When Daniel was falling behind in sixth grade, I requested the District test him for a learning disability. It was denied because he was on grade average. I requested a second eval in the Spring of seventh grade when he was still in middle school. It was approved but the paperwork got misplaced so the eval did not take place until October. I just received the TWENTY EIGHT page document over the weekend.

CONCLUSIONS - Determination of Eligibility and Educational Needs.


Primary disability category: Other Health Impairment (ADHD-Combine Presentation and Executive Functions)

 The student has a disability AND is in need of specially designed instruction,                                   and therefore IS ELIGIBLE for special education.

Lots of mixed emotions and definitely happy tears were shed when I read that. Finally. My son will not be viewed as just a goof off, discipline problem. He might still be one but now there can be support given where assistance is needed.

It's been a loooong twelve years with Amanda's struggles. My prayer is that I am wiser the second time around.

(By the way...AmandaGrace's evaluation reads that she has a disability but was not in need of specially designed instruction or special education. Just accommodations.)

Again, God has always been with us. His grace is sufficient. Our help comes from the Lord. He will give us rest when we are weary. We will cast our cares on Him. I have done many things wrong over the years with these two, I confess. But there is nothing that I could confess that could ever make Jesus love me less. He is my ROCK that I stand on. The Strong Tower I run to for refuge!


Now I can't forget my little buddy Robert who I have the honor of hanging out with 40+ hours a week. He has started pre-school twice a week and is enjoying co-op with me once a week. While Daniel learns the states, Robert is learning also. He already knows the capital of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. I am working on Delaware with him.

So next time you ask me "How are you?" and I respond with "Doing Well", you will know just what I am talking about.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Grace wins every time!

In my weakest moment I see you
Shaking your head in disgrace 
I can read the disappointment 
Written all over your face

Here come those whispers in my ear 
Saying, “who do you think you are?” 
Looks like you're on your own from here 
‘Cause grace could never reach that far 

But in the shadow of that shame
Beat down by all the blame
I hear You call my name saying it's not over 
And my heart starts to beat so loud now 
Drowning out the doubt
I'm down, but I'm not out 

There's a war between guilt and grace 
And they're fighting for a sacred space 
But I'm living proof 
Grace wins every time
No more lying down in death's defeat 
Now I'm rising up in victory 
Singing, hallelujah
Grace wins every time

Words can't describe the way it feels 
When mercy floods a thirsty soul 
The broke inside begins to heal 
And grace returns what guilty stole

And in the shadow of that shame
Beat down by all the blame
I hear You call my name saying it's not over 
And my heart starts to beat so loud now 
Drowning out the doubt
I'm down, but I'm not out 

There's a war between guilt and grace 
And they're fighting for a sacred space 
But I'm living proof 
Grace wins every time
No more lying down in death's defeat
Now I'm rising up in victory 
Singing, hallelujah

Grace wins every time

For the prodigal son
Grace wins
For the woman at the well 
Grace wins
For the blind man and the beggar 
Grace wins
For always and forever 
Grace wins 
For the lost out on the streets 
Grace wins
For the worst part of you and me 
Grace wins
For the thief on the cross 
Grace wins
For a world that is lost 

There's a war between guilt and grace 
And they're fighting for a sacred space 
But I'm living proof 
Grace wins every time
No more lying down in death's defeat 
Now I'm rising up in victory 
Singing, hallelujah
Grace wins every time, every time 
Yeah, I'm living proof 
Grace wins every time

Grace Wins by Matthew West

Hope Now - Addison Road

If everything comes down to love 
Then just what am I afraid of? 
When I call out Your name 
Something inside awakes in my soul 
How quickly I forget I'm yours 

I'm not my own 
I've been carried by You 
All my life 

Everything rides on hope now 
Everything rides on faith somehow 
When the world has broken me down 
Your love sets me free 

When my life is like a storm 
Rising waters all I want is the shore 
You say I'll be OK 
And make it through the rain 
You are my shelter from the storm 

I'm not my own 
I've been carried by You 
All my life 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I can't believe it!

New favorite lunch. Italian hoagie

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eight Grade Objectives


understand how to work with ratios, percentages, and proportions

have a solid understanding of algebraic principles

continue to relate mathematics to the surrounding world and modern life

Science (Chemistry)

to identify the five traditional areas of chemistry

to understand the relationship between pure chemistry and applied chemistry

to explain area where chemistry is used.

Reading/Language Arts

become comfortable expressing feelings and opinions in writing

compare/contrast or analyze through written essays

learn how to take effective notes

learn to use notes to create in depth written pieces

read with fluency while applying comprehension strategies

American Geography

studying New England and the Mid Atlantic region

cook food from the native area

mapping - draw the states

Eighth Grade Books

Reading/Language Arts

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

The Devil's Arithmetic - Jane Yolen

The Wednesday Wars - Gary D. Schmidt

The Outsiders - S. E. Hinton

The Giver - Lois Lowry

The Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The Body - Stephen King

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Samuel Clemens

Math - Algebra I

Alpha Omega Publications (


Christian Kids Explore Chemistry


Marriage Advice

My advice to you:

Compromise is a good word...and sacrifice. It's about putting our spouse's needs before ours sometimes. Financial speaking, have joint everything. There is just something about having "my account and your account" that doesn't follow the 'two shall become one' philosophy. And of course, a sense of humor will carry you a long way. Be able to laugh at yourself. There will be many times when all you can do is laugh together. Find a counselor at the very beginning for when the storm comes. It's not IF it comes, it's WHEN it comes. Align yourself with another couple for accountability purposes. Choose someone whose marriage is one that you respect. There may be times when you want to give up. FIGHT for your marriage. The odds are against you.

 (Married 19 years on July 27th, 2016)

This is what others would like you to know:

At first love is all about feelings and romance, but the true meaning of love is choices and action. Choose to love and serve your spouse well, even when you're mad or feel they don't deserve it. Married 17 years

It's ok to agree to disagree. Always show respect for the other persons thoughts, ideas and feelings. Married 17 years

As a wife, do not bombard your husband with issues of the day when he gets home. Greet him with a smile and a kiss...issues can be discussed a little later. Might sound old fashioned but it works wonders. ...I meant more about what the kids did wrong, what house part needs repair, that sort of thing. ..NOT the girly man ever really wants to hear that! All though my husband will listen and that is why I love him so much! He has made ME more important than himself and I strive to do the same
married 31 years

No secrets....Trust each other.
Married 20 years

Keep God in the triangle. Keep a sense of humor. Laugh with each other not at each other. Laugh at the small stuff. Married 16 years

Marry your friend. Remember that "venting" does not mean they are yelling at you or mad at you! Be patient. The reason they are upset will reveal itself in due time and you will avoid it becoming personal between you. Do the Love Dare book before the honeymoon is over! 
 Married 24 and a half years

A closed mouth gathers no feet

The best premarital counsel we got was: 1) Keep God first in your marriage! 2) Look out for your spouse's best interest! 3) Keep things spiced up in a godly manner-have heard that from several Women of faith events and other godly Christian women.  All the other advice from others above is awesome too. Want to add when the going gets tough Love, love, love through those difficulties. There is a book I'd highly recommend for women called Intimate Issues: Conversations woman to woman by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus. It gives Scripturally based wisdom offering real hope that every woman's marriage relationship can become all it was intended to be in God's design. Married 22 years

It's all about compromise.  Love reading advice. Sometimes we should listen to one another.
Married 5 years

Do not let the sun go down on your anger! Work it out before you go to bed because it's not worth it to lose the night's sleep (and let the devil gain a foothold)

Don't ever compare yourself to other couples. Every couple have their own ebb and flow, despite what their marriage looks like on the outside.

Ebb and flow (also called ebb and flood and flood drain) is the movement of water, often in relation to natural tides. The term is also commonly used metaphorically

Don't try to change a person.
Married 18 years.

The minute you say "I do," Satan will be determined to show you why you should have said," I don't." And he will be right--but Love pays.  (See Jesus on the cross.) If you are prepared for that and consider the other person your limb (broken or numb or diseased), God will help you through the bad times.. (b) If you expect fairness and equality, you will be disappointed. (See Jesus on the cross.) Hang in there long enough and you'll see all seasons.  (c) Married or not, pride (in its many disguises) has separated me from God and all the people I love.  From what I'm reading about Jesus during this very Holy Week, neither God the Father nor God the Son nor God the Holy Spirit has ever devoted much energy to saving his own dignity. Fight your own battle against your own pride and conversation will thrive as well as intimacy. (Do not confuse the pleasure you rightfully feel in pleasing others and doing fine work with pride.  By pride I mean the subtle--"standards," "my way" etc.) These ideas apply to both parties.
Married twice
second marriage 13 years

Communicate. Take turns talking. Use a timer to limit the time. Use "I" statements. For example, I was angry when you didn't call. Instead of YOU didn't call! 

Married 6 years then divorced

Do not settle for less than God has intended for your life. Listen to that little voice, it is Him speaking to you. God's timing is perfect and divine. His plan is what will be fulfilled for your life. If you are patient and listening, it will bring you joy beyond what you could ever imagine. Once you are at peace with your decision to marry the one God has chosen for you, my advice is to cherish every moment. Cherish all the things that drive you crazy because those are the things you would miss if he were gone. Cherish all the little imperfections (and even the huge ones) because they are what makes him the perfect one for you. Say what's on your heart but make sure it is coming from a place of love and not anywhere else. There is only room for love in your marriage and later with your children. Everything else is not from God and therefore not loving. If you do these things, you will be an amazing example of love, joy and kindness not only to your husband and children but to all those you each come in contact with. Your legacy of love will grow and spread long after you are gone. And that is why God put you on this Earth. Now go and live the life God intended for you without fear or apprehension. He is with you always.
Married twice
second marriage 6 years

It's a job. You have to work everyday. You don't get a day off. Work things out before the sun goes down.
Married 45 years


1. God (Christ is the center)

2. Respect (Kindness matter. Watch your words).

3. Never stop dating. (If you can't find a sitter, take the kids along).

You start out as a couple. You end up as a couple. Take care of each other and your children will be fine. The children learn more from how you treat each other than by what you say. I heard a Pastor say, you will fall in love many times with the same person.

Married 54 years


What would you like to add?