Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent Begins Today

Ann Voskamp's "The Grateful Christmas Project" has inspired me. Last night I was on Ann's blog and it occurred to me that tomorrow is Advent. I was so not prepared. Last year was my first attempt to celebrate Advent. I did not grow up with this concept. It was all new to me. This year I had hoped to do better. To at least be prepared, ha ha. No.
I was downloading all of the free stuff that I could. I didn't even have candles for my wreath. (The ones for last year melted in the attic, yikes!)
As I laid in bed last night I felt the tugging at my heart to connect with my neighbors. There are 17 families on HOPE road. I know them all (in passing). I know a few better than others. But I always have that 'want' to know them better.
So instead of just reading the "sticky notes" I decided to attach them to a sweet treat and hand them out.
I worked on this little project for several hours on and off. Then I read "December 1"

I am waiting for you, Lord
I will not let December become
about making a production -
when it's simply about
not missing You, Lord.
Miracles happen whenever I look
for shoots of Jesus' love everywhere -
because this grows deep roots
in Jesus' love for everyone.
Oh, we can't give that out tomorrow night. We have to give that out tonight so they can start their day with that little prayer. So Amanda picked a neighbor, who happened to be out putting up lights, and we walked to their house. I small talked for just a second. What is her name, I asked Amanda? She said, I don't know but their little boy is Nicholas. Oh well. I guess it doesn't really matter what her name is right now. I will ask another neighbor. (I am bad with names but good with faces).
I pray that these Sticky Notes for the Soul will encourage and inspire my neighbors. Make sure you check out Ann's blog for TONS of great ideas to keep your focus on Christ this season.