Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Help Me?

Can you help me save money? I am not a coupon clipper because most of the time the items are not something that I buy. I contacted Smucker's, Kashi, and Muller to see if they would send me coupons. Kashi said no but Smuckers sent me  two Jif coupons. What's that about? And Muller sent me three!

So how can I keep my food budget at about $200 a month? It's my goal. I use to go to the grocery store every day. I am now going on Sunday night or Monday. I shop at Redners. I have tried Aldi and Bottom Dollar. They really are not that much cheaper. Walmart is not close to me (Thank God). I think I would spend the gas money in exchange for the discount. So it's a wash in my mind.

Yes, I meal plan. We also get our meat and pork from Rohrbach Farm.

Here is my list from July 13th. My goal was $54.00. I spent $53. 96 and was so proud of myself!

  • Beefaroni (2) $1.00 each
  • Black Beans (2) $.79 each
  • Redners Ranch Dressing $1.79
  • Lipton Cup a Soup $1.35
  • Fresh Salsa $3.98
  • Muller Greek Yogurt (2) $1.00 each
  • Nature's Own Bread $3.29
There IS sugar in this bread however there is no HIGH FRUCTOSE SYRUP.

  • Doritos $3.00
  • Fajitas $1.09
  • Fresh Spinach $2.98
  • Shredded Cheese $2.00
  • Bag of Apples $4.98
  • Kashi Cereal $3.00
  • Milk 1%   $3.86
  • Cottage Cheese (2)  $3.69 each
  • Coffee Mate Creamer  $3.99
This is something that Curtis HAD TO HAVE. He makes a pot of coffee and saves it for THREE days in the frig but requires the Vanilla Creamer!

  • Nellie's Cage Free Eggs (2)  $1.50 each
These were on sale and I got the last two.

OK, GO! Help me. Where can I save?

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  1. coupons.com is really quick and easy. I tend to buy store brands. I also do BB's, which I don't know if there's any near you. It's a "scratch and dent" type grocery store. I save a ton by going there. I have to say, though, that your budget is ambitious! I don't even want to tell you what ours is! I found this link, maybe it will help? http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/100-days-on-a-budget/. There are a lot of "feed your family on $xyz" websites. Maybe try "more with less" cookbook? I used to jokingly call it the cookbook with a guilt trip built in, but it had some great inexpensive ideas. Also, there are lots of recipes for homemade vanilla creamer using condensed milk. Hope that helps!