Saturday, June 14, 2014

Relay 2014

We completed our NINETH consecutive Relay for Life under the name The Journey Begins Here. Jeannette, Curtis, Amanda, Kayla and I relayed in Carlisle in 2002 and 2003 on a different team.
 In 2003, a tornado swept through the area. We didn't know it. It was pouring the entire time. We just kept walking. We thought that since cancer doesn't take a break in bad weather than neither should we.
Yesterday, a flood warning was given and the entire relay evacuated. It wasn't even raining! Everyone filed in to the elementary school with The Journey took down our camp site. We walked to the van and all eight of us hung out until it blew over, which was about 45 minutes. I said "this too shall pass" and kept referring to the entire "panic" as light weights. That is why we brought rain gear!
There was a lot of changes this year that we were not happy with. Therefore, when you want something changed, you have to become part of the change. We will be joining the committee next year. It will be the Tenth Anniversary for The Journey Begins Here.
I am excited!

It could be a Christmas card photo!

My boys make an appearance before the camping trip.

My first Relay was when this kid was in my belly!

Love of my life!

New and very cool feature.

Daniel and Mom

Daniel said he would walk a lap with Mom Mom!

Yes, Christmas card!

Love these two!!!!

Friends for THIRTY FOUR years!

Relay reason, "First place Grace"

Sisters. I have nine of these pictures.

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