Thursday, June 26, 2014

FED UP - Day 10

Wednesday was my last day of doing the Fed Up Challenge. I feel wonderful. My food cravings have completely, yes completely, gone. I was dishing out ice-cream yesterday for Daniel and didn't feel like I need any. I didn't feel like I needed to lick the spoon or sneak a bite once it was in the bowl. I thought to myself "this must be what normal people feel like". This feeling is UNBELIEVEABLE.
I am an addict. We are all addicted to something...cigarettes, alcohol, shopping, reality tv, porn, money. You name it. We all have something lacking in our lives. (If you don't, good for you!) My addiction is anything sweet...cookies, candy, cake, pie, smores, COFFEE, SWEET COFFEE.
I thought that I was a good eater. I ate fruits and vegetables. I ate Newman's Own products. I ate rice cakes. When everyone else was eating cheese steaks and wings, I was eating salads.
But in the last twelve days I have found out that the food industry has been lying to us all. They have been adding sugar to things that already have sugar. How do I know this? I have been taking the time to read labels.
For example, Polaner jams/jelly has sugar in it. It's fruit. It's natural. When you look at the ingredients however, sugar does not appear there. That's a good product. You are still getting sugar and have to watch how much you take in. But you are not having ADDED SUGAR.
When the HELL did we give other people permission to add stuff to our food? What if it wasn't sugar they chose. What if they splashed a little rum in to all packaged items? Do you think you would have a problem? An addiction maybe?

Yes, salsa. Yes, spaghetti sauce. Those two really get me. When you make salsa (or maybe you don't) the recipe does not call for sugar. It's just tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic, jalapeno pepper, lime with salt & pepper. SO TELL ME WHY THERE IS SUGAR IN A PRODUCT THAT IS LABELED ALL NATURAL?!

OK, coming down off my soap box. It's your choice. My eyes are wide open. If I want to eat sugar, I want to determine how much I am getting. I will eat cookies if I want to, now knowing that my other foods are not containing that hidden sugar.
No wonder no one can lose any weight. We can work out, walk miles, exercise until the cows come home but if we are not taking charge of our food, then the food is taking charge of us.
I am sincerely FED UP!

PB&J Irish Porridge

This looks more appetizing than the above.

Cheese burger, pickle and mustard on Nature's Own bun.

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