Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fed Up Challenge

Last week someone posted something on Facebook called "The Fed Up Challenge - Sugar Free for 10 Days. Hey, I love a challenge, I thought. So I joined the group.

On Sunday morning I actually go to the link to see what this is all about. OH MY. I am shocked about two things. The first is what I actually have to give up. The second is how everything packaged basically has added sugar.

I decided to take photos of what I am eating. It's much easier than writing it down. And I figure I am only going to do this part of the challenge for 10 days. Click here, here and here to see the last three days.

I am tired. I have had a headache. But I have to admit that I feel better. I have not weighed myself but I do intend on doing that tomorrow.

It's truly amazing how there is so much hidden sugar in our packaged food. I am not eating anything with a label if I can help it.

One thing that really motivated me was the thought that I do this to myself. I choose what to buy at the grocery store. I choose what I put in my mouth. Well, I am choosing better.

In the one video, it is estimated that our young people will be a generation that dies younger than any other. I watched the middle school children walking home. I was amazed at the amount of children that are classified as "obese". I am not talking chubby kids. I am talking obese. It was so sad.

My hope is to change so that I can be a positive role model for my family. My hope is that that motivation will be contagious.

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

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