Sunday, June 22, 2014


A month ago I was at the GYN's office and I weighted 128 (I asked them to note in my chart that I had just eaten a piece of pizza). I thought how ridiculous that was since I work out just about every day of the week and watch what I eat (for the most part).

I love sweets; cookies, candy bars, cake, ICE-CREAM, cream and sugar with a splash of coffee, Starbuck's. Get my point? But I am not eating fried foods. I am not eating hoagies and cheese steaks. I am not eating cheese fries. But I am going out to breakfast once maybe twice a week. I am drinking a protein shake a few times a week. I will just have to cut back.

Or maybe the scale was wrong?! Hopeful thinking.

No, it wasn't. It was 128 right her in my bathroom. Boo!

Now that's not over-weight or anything. I am 5 feet nothing. My ideal weight range is between 105 (wedding weight and pre-babies) and 128. I remember after Amanda was born weighing 116 and thinking that I just wanted to be 110. Then I was 120 forever and thinking that I just wanted to be 116. Then I was 128! I wanted to be 120 again. And I was after Daniel went off to first grade and I started working outside the home.

But how did I get back up to 128 when I have been working out and walking more in the last eight months? I eat rice cakes for crying out loud!!!

I didn't weigh my self on Sunday because I was retaining water. Hormones. But I did weigh myself mid-week and I was 124. Wow. I lost 4 pounds. Since when though? Let's just go with May 20th because that's roughly a week after the GYN appointment.

Today I am 121.8. OH MY GOODNESS. I am not even trying!

This week's lunch and dinner menu (re-cap)

Sunday: Rice & Beans and Pork Chops
Monday:  Spinach Salad and Tacos 
Tuesday: Salad and Pasta
Wednesday: Salad and Pork Stir-fry
Thursday: I don't remember?!
Friday: Rice & Beans and Steak Sandwiches
Saturday: nachos and cheese burger
Sunday: Chicken salad and chicken sandwich

I am not depriving myself. THIS IS NOT A DIET. This is just a new way of looking at things.

Today I made this yummy recipe!  I didn't follow it exactly because I never write anything down before I go to the grocery store. So I forgot the lime. I don't like to add onion to anything so I skipped that part also.

It was chicken (canned, yes I do eat that stuff), 1/2 avocado, a little PLAIN Greek yogurt, salt, pepper and garlic powder. One can made enough to make about 4 wraps. I ate 2 wraps and a plum for lunch. I was satisfied. Someone was handing out cookies (I was at the church picnic) and I passed.

Like it was nothing!

You can do this. YOU. YES YOU! Just give it a try.

Caprice Salad

Before - kale

After - baked kale

chicken breast, avocado and fresh basil

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