Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Finally!

Hello Friends. Remember me? I love this blog. I wish I could put half of my thoughts here. But there just isn't time. I commend the bloggers that post daily. They find the time.

Where should I begin? Spring is finally here. Did we have the longest winter of our life time?! February, March and April are my Blue Months. I finally have come to terms with this. I realized I am always having a tough time around my birthday. It's not because I am getting older. It's because if is in March. I remember last year journaling about being miserable. I determined not to go through another three months of miserableness.

February was filled with psychologist appointments for Daniel to have him evaluated for AD/HD.  The conclusion was that he DID have the disorder, like his sister. However, when I went to the pediatrician for a follow-up, the doctor disagreed. He believes Daniel has a processing disorder. I already had the 504 Plan for the other diagnosis but thought that maybe he needed learning support from the school. I requested an evaluation from the district. The paperwork came back stating "refusal for evaluation" on the grounds that he is on grade level. OH WELL!

February 21st
But Lord I confess that I don't do the job I know I need to do. I don't consistently read or pray. I don't have the quiet time that I know is necessary to grow in You.

March was a whirl wind. I was in a complete melt-down on March 21st because I had misplaced the most important folder, the one with the psychologist's results. The next day I read a devotion with the most perfect words:

March 22nd
God is always good and we are always loved...even when what He gives may appear ugly.

The very next day Nora was in the skiing accident in NY which left her with a fractured skull, broken humorous and clavicle.

I wrote these words:

Perspective. Soccer cleats and homework. 504 Plans and emails. Laundry and dishes. Life is precious The things of life...not an emergency.

Nora has made leaps and bounds. In the last six weeks. She was transferred to a Vermont hospital and then after five weeks, transferred again to CHOP. She is the product of God's miracle work! There is no other way to explain it.

I read a book a few months ago called Mistaken Identity. Much of what was being described by Nora's mom was also described in the book. However, in the book the recovery was not as amazing as Nora's story. It's hard to really tell you about God's healing power, you really need to read it for yourself.

If you would like to "meet" Nora, please visit her Caringbridge.

This was a horrific accident. Nora hit a timing box at Lake Placid while skiing an icy slope. She bashed her head and right side. She has NO brain damage. After six weeks, she is walking up stairs with assistance. She is what we all want to see...God at work!

I have prayed for Nora and her family EVERY day since March 24th. I have wrote about her in my journal and I have left messages in her on-line journal. I have read my Bible more in the last six weeks than I have in the last six months. I read a thankful devotional by Ann Voskamp. I also have been reading Jesus Today by Sarah Young that I received as a Christmas gift. What a blessing this little book has been.

 My relationship with Jesus has changed dramatically.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you" James 4:8 ESV

I  wanted to do even more. I started a prayer journal.

I asked people how I could pray for them. I have started to fill the beautiful leather journal that Curtis gave me with verses and prayers. Then I pray. I am loving this part of the day. Little Man has finally got the nap thing going on. He naps for about 90 minutes. Sometimes more. Then he will stretch and kick his legs and talk to his monkey for a little while. It's usually about TWO hours of quiet time I have with the Lord in the afternoon. That's great because it makes up for the time that I don't get in the evening. Sometimes in the morning I will actually have 45 minutes to myself. Sometimes!

And so it is May and the Blue Season has passes. The snow has melted. The trees have leaves on them. The flowers are pushing up through the ground. My vegetable/herb garden is planted.

And Life Is Good

And God is good all the time. Yes, All the time God is good!

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