Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Day Off

That statement implies that my other days would be called My Day On?

When you are the Nanny to the most excellent little boy, every day is like a day off in a way. He is twenty months old already. He has a vocabulary of over 200 words! We can have conversations. He sings with me. He finishes my sentences, "for the Bible..." Tells me so! It's awesome. I have no stress. I have a no stress day. Every day!

Today the little man had a mommy day. So I had a "Me" Day.

I woke at 4 am and walked to the gym with the love of my life (most of the time...opps, just kidding).
We have been going to the gym for six months now. In the last two weeks, I slacked off. I probably only went about four times in fourteen days. It was tough getting back in to the routine. It felt like starting all over again. So I decided, NO MORE BACKSLIDING. Today was Day Five in a row. I feel better than I did five days ago.

I showered. Did devos with Amanda. a gentle whisper. Got her off to the bus. Woke Daniel. Got his breakfast and off to school. Then I sat down to read and write in NORA'S Journal. Please take a moment to stop by and leave an encouraging prayer message.

At 8 am I took Patches for a walk with my friend and her dog, Thunder.

I returned home and I read on The Biblegateway. I read Jon Acuff's blog. I wasted time on Facebook. I planted a memory lily for my Dad in the backyard.  I hopped back in bed for 30 minutes to get warm. It was rather chilly today.

Then I met another girlfriend at 11 am. We went to lunch and the grocery store briefly.

I went through a pile of papers, registered Daniel for soccer, checked email and FB again. (What exactly or why exactly do I do that?)

By 2 pm, it was time for some "down-time", ha ha. I laid in bed and prayed for an hour! FOR AN HOUR!!!

Now it's time for Daniel to come home.

I am completely satisfied with my Me Day.

How do you spend your Me Day? Do you ever get one?!

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