Saturday, February 1, 2014

Step Three

Daniel ate breakfast yesterday. He is not opposed to eating. It just takes effort on both of our part. He had a mini bagel with a sausage patty and a piece of bacon. NO egg. He asked for a second. I told him that the next time we should add egg. He said no, don't wreck it. Ha ha.

I spoke to his guidance counselor yesterday also. She is phenomenal. We talked for a while and she said that she would be in touch. And then she added if she wasn't in touch to please call her. I like that. Honesty. She has sixth, seventh and eighth grade children from A-L. That's a lot of students.

I made a call in the morning to a psychologist that the pediatrician recommended. I actually got a call back just after 4 AND he can see Daniel on Monday afternoon. CRAZY! It takes 6 weeks to get that kind of appointment. I should know from my experiences with Child Number One.

So we will just keep swimming (and praying). I know that God fully trusts me with his children. I just need to make sure that I fully trust God.

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