Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vanity? What's that?

Remember when I was telling you about my eye issue (Click Here)?  Well, I was doing everything the doctor told me to do. I was using a warm mask on my eyes for 15 minutes. I was washing my eyelids with a medicated baby wipe. I was using ointment and drops in my eyes and I was using special cleanser and H&R (Healing and Repair) lotion to prevent Rosacea. After doing the whole nine yards for five days, I felt AWFUL. I had a constant headache. My eye itched like crazy. My face was as RED as could be. It itched too! Benadryl truly was my best friend. On Day Six, I stopped EVERYTHING. The next day I felt good. On Day Eight I had a follow-up with the office. I told the office everything that I just told you. The doctor said, "Oh good it worked". I said no, I stopped using it. He said "you're cured". Sigh. I talked to the Cosmetic Coordinator about my face. She told me to stick with it for another THREE weeks. I think I used the product two more times before I came to my senses. Yes, my face is red. I am also Irish. We have pink skin. We are fair. We have blue eyes. It's genetics. But by no means was my face rashed out and itching all of the time. I have flare-ups. I can definitely tell a difference in my skin when I am "junking". But come on. This was ridiculous. I have gotten over my vanity long enough to post these pictures. They are a little scary, I have to warn you. And you can see my facial hair (yikes). That's one of my least favorite things about aging. But...oh well. You probably have it too. If you don't...well, you will.

After 7 days of "skin specialist" product
After 3 days of back to Mary Kay.

After 7 days of Mary Kay.

Yes, it was painful and itchy.
Yes, you can see my facial hair!

My neck still has a red rash but not itchy.

The moral of my story is, "Go with your instincts". No one knows you like you know you. Don't let a doctor intimidate you. He doesn't know you nor does he love you. Is he smarter than you? Maybe. But I think we place so much trust in someone who has a degree instead of just going with our gut feeling. Trust your gut!



  1. OUCH!!
    Good for you for listening to your body.
    And I have dark hair, so the hair on my chin and my upper lip are dark. Charming, eh?

  2. You poor thing! If they had said it would get worse before it got better, I can see suffering through. But how idiotic to think that this was an improvement?! Aye yi yi. My mom has dealt with skin cancer on her face for as long as I can remember, and last year they had her take a medication to bring anything hidden to the surface. It was a week or so of peeling & itching, but then back to normal. Glad you found what works for you, and hey we all have hair all over our bodies, it's normal.;)