Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Eye and Skin Issues

Yes, my face is red and my eyes are small. I cannot wear make-up and I have just come to a place where vanity cannot be a part of my life.

Friday I had an eye lash removed that was scratching my cornea. I used an antibiotic drop as well as lubricating drops for four days. Yesterday, I returned to the office because I was feeling no relief. I was told that the cornea looked good (which is awesome!) but I was diagnosed with Blepharitis.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with Rosacea and Seborrheic Dermatitis. I tried something called Metro Gel and was allergic to it. I just learned to live with the dry, itchy, redness. I would use lots of moisturizer and foundation. I would take a Benadryl and go to bed early. I just coped. Vanity...well that's for young people. I was OK with who I was. And I have a husband that is in love with me. So who cares if I look like I am sunburned all year round?

Yesterday, I was told that due to my skin conditions, I am having complications which are causing all of these eye issues.

Great. No one ever mentioned that in all of the years I have been to dermatologists. Also, I was told never to use anything with "exfoliating" in the cleanser.

Again, GREAT. That's what I have been using for THIRTEEN years!

So I am now wondering if I will ever be able to wear mascara again. I really need to wear mascara because my eyes look so tiny and lost with my invisible blonde lashes. (Or at least I think so). It would be nice to wear foundation again also.

But for the time being, I am washing my eye lashes, using eye drops and looking like I could use a make-over. If you feel inclined to pray for my issues (which are not life-threating, just bothersome), I would really appreciate it.

But I know His grace is sufficient!

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