Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two Weeks

In the last fourteen days, we have worked out twelve times. Not too bad for a couple of middle aged people.

I have decided to increase the level instead of the time. We will continue at thirty minutes. Yesterday and today, we walked to the gym. Yesterday, I was able to get in a mile with the baby in the stroller also. Honestly, some days I am so tired I don't want to walk to the kitchen. By the time Super Why comes on, I am ready for a nap. Unfortunately, Little Man is phasing that morning nap out.

On a side note...the baby turned fifteen months on Wednesday. He is twenty-four pounds. He is my weight training and upper body workout!

Today, I worked on the stair climber for fifteen minutes at level 20. (It starts at level 15). I burned 130 calories. Then I jumped on the elliptical for 15. I usually select "Quick Start" but today I selected CARDIO. There wasn't much of a difference. The machine wants to keep my heart rate at 140. My body wants my heart rate to be 155. After fifteen minutes, I burned 120 calories.

Whoo Hoo...250 calories! Not quite a Tall Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks. Click here for the details on that!

Hey if I went non-fat, no whip then it would only be 180 calories. But why bother then. I would just drink water. A treat must be a treat!

Which reminds me. When the children wake they must hide their candy. I have been snacking on the Twix and Kit Kats. They are the mini bars. I have discovered that most full size candy bars that I like have about 200 to 210 calories (Hershey, Kit Kat, Crunch).

I found this site that looks totally yummy. Click Here to see Main Dishes and recipes that have 250 calories (or less, I think.)

We are now going to the grocery store to buy breakfast foods. I think I should just pick up duck tape!

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