Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Saturday was our One Week point.

I didn't count calories at all this weekend. Saturday, I had a good breakfast (cottage cheese and cantaloupe). Lunch was leftovers from Rosemary's Grill. And dinner? What did we have for dinner? Funny how I can remember specific details from twenty years ago but I can't remember what I had for dinner two days ago. What is that?

Saturday night I had Hot Chocolate.  (Daniel and I surprised Daddy at The Farm . Curtis drives one of the tractors for the haunted hayride). I know the sweet, warm drink was loaded with tons of calories. And there was probably more than one package in that big cup.

Sunday is my day off. I don't do laundry or housework. I also eat pretty much whatever I want. Breakfast was half of an Everything bagel with cream cheese. A little later I had half of a Dunkin Donuts chocolate frosted donut (at Sunday school). There are 370 calories in ONE donut. I ate half. I could have eaten two or three honestly. I ate half. That was 185 calories. That would be about 25 minutes at the gym for that one poor choice. But oh was it good!

I balanced that with a banana just before church. Ha ha.

Lunch was half of a small chili from Wendy's and a baked potato with 2 TB sour cream and shredded cheese. Yummy.

The reason we went to Wendy's was because we only had twenty minutes between church and soccer. This is when we make bad choices. When we don't give ourselves enough time or we don't plan ahead we are forced to go for the fastest option.

There are 180 calories in a small chili. That's 90 yesterday and 90 today. There are 270 calories in a plain potato. And now for the real 'bust my bubble' moment. The junior frosty. The one that is barely able to fill the sweet tooth. TWO HUNDRED CALORIES. That's my 30 minute work out.

Personally, I like the medium sized frosty. There are a whopping 410 calories in that baby!


No more. That just killed it for me.

It's a good thing I skipped dinner. Oh wait, I didn't. I had a homemade cheeseburger.

Rohrbach Farm is our meat supplier. This is the best meat EVER! I had cheese on my cheeseburger of course. And ketchup and mustard. Oh and let's not forget that piece of bacon, hee hee. Looking at a few different sites, there are probably between 360 and 400 for that burger. Is that including the roll? One piece of bacon has about 40 calories. (That's not too bad if you stop at 2 pieces like I do.)

My Lipton White Raspberry tea has 110 calories. A serving size is half of that according to the bottle. That's 8 oz. The bottle is 16 oz. But I drank the whole thing.

I think a lot of people drink their calories. A small soda isn't small anymore. It's enormous. Wendy's small is a 16 oz cup. Did you know that?

On top of all that crazy eating, we didn't go to the gym. Curtis moved furniture for a friend and that was a two hour workout. I wasn't sad we didn't go since I am hormonal.

Climbing the hill towards menopause is a workout in itself, don't you think? That counts, right?

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