Friday, October 18, 2013

The Party's Over. No Really. It's OVER!

I have to post something new because that picture of Daniel's arm is nauseating.

We are half way through the marking period and no D's or F's from either child. Whoo hoo! This is a first, I believe.

We are busy. I am tired. But I am enjoying this season because like all of the others, it doesn't last and it goes by so quickly.

I joined the gym almost 2 weeks ago and have not gone yet. I need someone to go with me...just once, then I will be fine. I chalk that up to being the middle child. I was never alone. I had Michael or Jeannette. So I believe that tomorrow will be my day.

It was a good summer. I call it FAT and HAPPY. My clothes all fit tight, even the elastic waist band yoga pants. Too much ice-cream. And now we have Gertrude Hawk candy bars that Amanda has been selling. I KNOW that I am her best customer.

Someone told me that they have one piece (there are 5 pieces) per bar. Ha, do you just have one sip of your beer or wine and say no more? Who does that? I mean, ONE PIECE?! Really, who are you!?

I am approaching 46 and those extra pounds are hanging on for dear life.

When am I going to fit in the gym? You tell me. Here is my schedule:

Alarm goes off at 5:15 am.
I snooze until 5:30.
Have devotions with Amanda at 6:10.
She leaves at 6:25
Wake Daniel at 6:30.
Check email and Facebook.
Wake Daniel at 6:45.
Make toast and lunch for Daniel.
Have devotions with Daniel at 7:10
Drop Daniel at school at 7:35
From 7:40 to 8:15, I fold laundry, get lunch together or eat yogurt.
Hang with Robert from 8:20 am to 4 pm

Homework, dinner and activities.

Bedtime between 9:30 and 10. It's usually closer to 10 pm.

Sunday night - Sunday school, church, soccer.
  Then Amanda's youth group from 7 to 9 pm.
Monday night - Tutoring and Boy Scouts
Tuesday night - Curtis & Daniel have soccer
Wednesday night - Curtis & Daniel have soccer
Thursday night - Tutoring and Irish Dance
Friday night - AWANA
Saturday - soccer daytime (NO EVENING ACTIVITY!)

I have adjusted to the schedule. I don't mind all of the running around. Like I said, I know that this season of my life will be over very soon so I am enjoying the time in the car with  KLove.

The worse time to go to the gym  (I was told) is between 4 and 7 pm. That's good. That doesn't work because it is prime time homework/dinner time.

I am thinking that Friday night, Saturday during the day and any time before 6 am during the week will be good for me.

And I guess I need to divorce sugar. I just love it so.

Me and a chocolate covered banana.

Me and Starbucks (Caramel Frap)

Self explanatory!

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