Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not a Set-Back

I am not looking at yesterday as a set-back or a failure. It is what it is and today is a new day.

Tuesday started with half of a bagel with cream cheese. (Not a great choice). Then I visited with my good friend and had TWO cups of coffee (or should I say cream and sugar?). For lunch I had four licks of cake batter, cottage cheese and cantaloupe. Then for my mid-afternoon snack, I put my banana away and opted for homemade buttercream icing. Dinner was homemade lasagna. It was a small piece. That was the saving grace. Then I washed it down a few hours later with a small piece of pizza.

Yes, it was a bad choice day. I had to make cupcakes for the soccer team and I didn't do well with temptation.

But today is a new day.

I was on the stair climber for FIFTEEN minutes burning 127 calories. Then I was on the elliptical for, uh, I can't remember. But I know I burned 83 calories.

My total today is 210.

Yesterday we did go to the gym AND I waked three miles with the baby, if that counts for anything.

Yes, today is a new day! (And tomorrow is Halloween). I have to just have the children hide their candy. The candy that I bought to give out is Snickers (yuck), Skittles (No), Starburst (No) and M&M (these must go first).

Today may be a new day but tomorrow is another challenge!

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