Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Amanda came bouncing in my room at 5:23, fully dressed with make-up done, to request Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. After she bought a drink and a bagel, and a couple of donuts for her brother, we returned home to read a devotion. Then we took pictures with her friend, Kyra, at 6:20. And off they went to the bus at 6:30. She is as sweet as sweet can be, and so excited to be a tenth grader.

I woke "the boy" at 6:45. He moaned in bed for twenty minutes. Then moved to the couch for ten more. Then laid on the living room carpet and moaned some more! Then complained as I drove him to his buddy's house at 7:25. This is the best (and only) picture I was getting. I was not nice and was feeling totally guilty as he left for the day. Love the mommy guilt. It was a failed "first day of school" departure.
After school pictures

"I would rather have my teeth drilled than pose for a picture" face.

"I will fake a smile for one picture with my sibling" face.
And off they go pictures!
Amanda and Kyra

Daniel and Ryan (Eric escaped the photo).

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