Sunday, October 13, 2013

End of Summer Memories

This is the photo I took with my lousy phone in the ER.
Yes, it was that gross.
Eight stitches due to a box cutter accident on August 19th

After the stitches have been removed. Yikes, shark bite! Ooh ha ha.

Café Curtis seafood and caprese salad.

End of summer but beginning of soccer!


Pick your own peaches for $.99 a pound!

Pick your own blackberries for $1.99 a pound!

Mom with her sister's (Evia and Alice) and my uncle Don.

Amanda's new love, Cuddles!
Mom Mom's new kitten. LOVE HER.

Last Day of  Summer - September 6, 2013

Good bye summer vacation. Hello crazy schedule. But welcome home routine and structure!

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