Monday, June 10, 2013

Swim Suit Season

I saw this posted on Facebook on the Time-Warp Wife's page: click this to read the article. The video is a little lengthy but worth the watch. We cannot use the excuse of ignorance our entire life...oh, I didn't know...only goes so far people.

Last summer I was convicted to buy Amanda a tankini. My one girlfriend thanked me when I told her. She said Amanda is adorable and she could not take her eyes off of my 13 year old in her little bikini. She was concerned because there are always boys around.

We cannot blame the boys (or even the men) for staring at her (or us) if that's how we dress. I do not want boys or men looking at my soon to be 15 year old like "that".

Well that suit lasted one season. So again I announced that she would be getting a modest bathing suit. She said "I won't wear it". Ugh.

Well she was not going to win this one.

Just before we left for the mall, Amanda decided to the living room. She was in her bra when the front door comes flying open. It's Daniel! She gasped and covered herself because she was in a bra. After the commotion was over and the boy left, I asked her "You can wear a bikini but he can't see you in a bra?"

"Well, I thought maybe someone was with him."

Again, I said "but it's ok for them to see you in a bikini top?"

The face!

We went to Starbuck's then Sears. Nothing. Then we went to Macy's. She said, "Mom look." It was an adorable blue "one-piece" suit. We found one that appeared to be her size. She tried it on, then a bigger size. Then one in black. She was set on the black one. Ten minutes! Our shopping trip was complete. She looked adorable. I was happy.

Then she looked at the tag. I told her that I would pay any price. I could hear my girlfriend saying "Get her a good one and pay whatever it cost".

It was pricey but worth every penny.

Pastor Joe said yesterday "We are not Super Christians. Yes, we make mistakes. Yes, there is sin in my life. But we need to ask ourselves, is my life being defined by God or others? I don't have to try to impress anyone. I just have to ask "What does God think of me?

Do you feel the presence of God with you?

I know God was pleased with the suit.

And that's all that matters.

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  1. Love the suit!
    I am blessed with one daughter who is hyper modest (wears one of those rash guard shirt thingys instead of a bathing suit top!), but my other daughter would just as soon wear a bikini. I foresee many arguments in her teens!