Monday, May 20, 2013

Relay for Life 2013

Our 2010 Team
2013 marks our TENTH Relay for Life

The name of our Relay for Life team is The Journey Begins Here (just like the blog). Every year the team has been different. However, there are a few original members: Mom (Bertie) Aunt Virg, Jeannette, Kayla, Amanda and me. We are the ones that have participated on this team since 2006. Amanda, Kayla, Jeannette and me (or is it I...I think it's me?) also participate in the 2002 and 2003 Relay's out in Western PA.

Anyway...Relay for Life means something different for everyone. And every year the dynamics of the Relay are different. But each year has a special meaning to us.

This year I actually sent out letters (two enclosed). The first letter was from 2006. Amanda was eight and Daniel was three. Then I sent a current letter with a current picture of the children, asking for a $2 donation, stating our family goal is $100.

We have received $128.00 already with just five donations.

Relay for Life is June 14th this year. Jeannette, the girls and myself have camped overnight every year. Last year I said that I was feeling a little old to do it again. But I have had a change of heart and we are staying overnight again!

So I will pack my earplugs and my cot. You will find me on the track at 5 am because my back hurts too much to sleep in a tent for one more minute. My goal for this year is sixty laps (15 miles).

Wish me the best, please!

(Oh, and if you want to send a donation please leave a comment. Thanks).

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