Saturday, April 13, 2013

Speaking from my heart

I thought about coming here to tell you about my rotten, no good, stressful week. To really unload...raw and unedited (borrowed that from someone else's blog. Not my words). And how I am wiped out and sick because all of the complaining (mostly my own). Yesterday.

Yesterday, I thought about that.

Today I am different.

Why? Because of His unfailing love!

Have any of those things changed?

No, Amanda still has ADHD and will always struggle.
No, there still is no diagnosis for my good friend.
No, my family is still at odds.

But His grace is sufficient.

I receive this from my one of my best buds Friday morning before 7am. She copied me in on an email to my other best bud. I just bawled:

"I was praying for you this morning.  I thought, what encouraging words would I say or pray?  That God is good?  I don't know, maybe you know that, but maybe right now you don't "feel" that way.  The word the Lord put on my heart was ENOUGH.  I pray that He is ENOUGH for you. 
Then I sat down to journal and I asked the Lord to help me really steward well the money we have left before we start having income again.  Sometimes I start to fear that there won't be enough.  

I opened the book Fearless by Max Lucado that I am currently reading.  The verse at the beginning of the chapter I was about to read was Matthew 6:25, "I tell you not to worry about everyday life - whether you will have enough."

WOW God.  Enough.  

Think He wants us to be encouraged and reminded?  He is enough - enough of everything - strength, encouragement, provision, rest, peace, whatever we need, He is enough. 
Forty minutes later, this was the response
Thank you.  A safe place for my heart to live today.  Often I drift to what might be, or what will never be.  Instead of what I have...enough.

 Earlier in the week I turned to the passage about Elisha and the women who was very poor.  He said get as many pots as possible and God filled everyone of them with oil.  If she had one more pot...that would have been filled too.  His "Enoughness" is adequate for the size of the pot or task or mountain.  He can fill everything we have...even one more empty place.  He is enough.

Thank you for the reminder today.  I needed that.
We are all struggling in our own way. But instead of me telling you all about the awfulness of my struggles, I am going to say this:
Thank you LORD, for Amanda. She is incredibly gifted in the performing arts. Thank you for all of the people who pray for us. Thank you for your grace.
Thank you for my friend. I know that you are working out all of the details. Until then, we will be patient and still knowing that You are God.
Thank you for my family. We can't pick our family. You have given them to us. And with good reason. Thank you for all of them. Teach me how to love them better.
Thank you for The Struggle. Thank you for being ENOUGH.

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