Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Final Pinewood Derby (sniff)

Daniel represented 124 well at the District Pinewood Derby, taking first in the Webelos division and first over all.
Curtis and Daniel set up the track at 8:45 am. Amanda and I arrived at 11:30. Daniel didn't race until 2:50 pm. What a lesson in patience (that we always fail).

Daniel smoked the other cars in every race.

He tied for first against a Webelos 1 kid. They raced off and Daniel won by a neck. It was close!
(There were a total of 22 Webelos 1 & 2)

No competition in the end against the Tiger, Wolf and Bear. Daniel took first in the over all District race out of 66 cars.
Bittersweet to end this chapter.
 (But there is no way we would come again next year. It was too much drama!)
Oh My O'Ree!

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