Friday, April 26, 2013


These pictures are from November 2011 when we first got the kitten. He was our second kitten that fall. Dash lived with us for about six weeks before he died. He was from a shelter and we didn't know he was sick when we got him. Tucker was healthy from the very beginning, eating like a horse.
On Wednesday night around midnight, Tucker started vomiting. The vomiting continued until this morning. We had him at the vet on Thursday and he was sent home with a laxative. After four doses, Tucker still had not gone in the little box. He was lethargic, not eating, barely drinking and like I said, still throwing up. We took him back to the vet today and the doctor said to take him right to the emergency room. We stayed for over an hour and then I took Amanda to Starbuck's. The doctor called around 4 pm to say that he had a serious obstruction of the bowel.
Tonight we said good-bye to our "big" kitten who lived with us for just 15 months but will forever live in our hearts.


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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Irish Dance Recital 2013

Mom, Amanda and Aunt Virgie

Mom, Daniel and Aunt Virgie

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Final Pinewood Derby (sniff)

Daniel represented 124 well at the District Pinewood Derby, taking first in the Webelos division and first over all.
Curtis and Daniel set up the track at 8:45 am. Amanda and I arrived at 11:30. Daniel didn't race until 2:50 pm. What a lesson in patience (that we always fail).

Daniel smoked the other cars in every race.

He tied for first against a Webelos 1 kid. They raced off and Daniel won by a neck. It was close!
(There were a total of 22 Webelos 1 & 2)

No competition in the end against the Tiger, Wolf and Bear. Daniel took first in the over all District race out of 66 cars.
Bittersweet to end this chapter.
 (But there is no way we would come again next year. It was too much drama!)
Oh My O'Ree!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting My Heart and Head Together!

It's almost eleven o'clock. I have gone to bed several hours ago but continue to play this topic over and over and over in my mind.

Why is it so difficult to get the teachers, myself and my daughter on track? It's April 17th for crying out loud! When will the communication begin?

I think I have cried more in the last ten days than I can remember when.

I pray...or try to. I read. I search for answers. I send emails. I talk to the guidance counselor. I send more emails.

Is it suppose to be this difficult? Maybe. Maybe it's just suppose to be this difficult. We struggle and need God. We need God to save us every day. Save me from the worry. Save me from the sadness. Save me from the disappointment.

Today I broke down to my friend who is struggling in her own way. I felt guilty for doing it but I knew she would have the wisdom I needed.

After that, I sat and prayed. And what God spoke to my heart is:

Getting Good Grades is Not Biblical
I sat with my Study Bible open for morning nap time and nowhere in the Bible does it say that getting good grades is what God wants from us. This is a worldly concept.
I made a list.
Getting Good Grades = Happiness (not)
Getting Good Grades = Success (not)
Getting Good Grades = Getting a Good Job (not)
Getting Good Grades = Being a Good Person (not)
Getting Good Grades = Intelligence (not)
These are false statements that the world tells us.
"Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life - comes not from the Father but from the world".
1 John 2:16-17
Pride of life - obsession with one's status or importance.
I hear a lot of parents talking about their kids being straight A students. I guess I am jealous. But it is not a reflection on your parenting. Honestly, it has nothing to do with you. You can't take credit for the good grades any more than I can take credit for the bad ones.
I want my children to be successful. But what the world sees as success is not what I see or what God sees for that matter.
Succeed, success (ful) to achieve a favorable outcome.
Skill will bring success - Ecclesiastes 10:10
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Proverbs 20:4
Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22
God has equipped my children with talent that you cannot get from a classroom. Am I excusing them from not doing well in school. NO. They must do their best and try their hardest. But if a 70% is the best, then it's the best. Heck, if a 64% is the best, then it's the best! And God has told me so.
I was watching a show the other day and a woman was talking about her disappointment as a parent. She said that God spoke to her and said "I am the perfect parent. I had two children. They were in the perfect environment. And look what happened there."
(Adam and Eve in case you didn't get that).
God has not called me to be a perfect parent. He is the perfect parent. He has called me to train up my children in the way they should go and when they grow old they shall not depart from it.
He has called me to be kind, patient, gentle, peaceful, loving, faithful and self-controlled.
So today, I prayed for wisdom.
She is clothed in strength and dignity. She can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:25-26
Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. James 3:13
But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure, then peace loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness. James 3:17-18
Tomorrow during nap time I will make a list of the things God does call us to do...a kind of expectation list for me and my children.

I have awesome children. They are beautiful. They are talented. And they LOVE the Lord. I am very blessed!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Music. What would I do with out it? Click here for today's Truth!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Speaking from my heart

I thought about coming here to tell you about my rotten, no good, stressful week. To really unload...raw and unedited (borrowed that from someone else's blog. Not my words). And how I am wiped out and sick because all of the complaining (mostly my own). Yesterday.

Yesterday, I thought about that.

Today I am different.

Why? Because of His unfailing love!

Have any of those things changed?

No, Amanda still has ADHD and will always struggle.
No, there still is no diagnosis for my good friend.
No, my family is still at odds.

But His grace is sufficient.

I receive this from my one of my best buds Friday morning before 7am. She copied me in on an email to my other best bud. I just bawled:

"I was praying for you this morning.  I thought, what encouraging words would I say or pray?  That God is good?  I don't know, maybe you know that, but maybe right now you don't "feel" that way.  The word the Lord put on my heart was ENOUGH.  I pray that He is ENOUGH for you. 
Then I sat down to journal and I asked the Lord to help me really steward well the money we have left before we start having income again.  Sometimes I start to fear that there won't be enough.  

I opened the book Fearless by Max Lucado that I am currently reading.  The verse at the beginning of the chapter I was about to read was Matthew 6:25, "I tell you not to worry about everyday life - whether you will have enough."

WOW God.  Enough.  

Think He wants us to be encouraged and reminded?  He is enough - enough of everything - strength, encouragement, provision, rest, peace, whatever we need, He is enough. 
Forty minutes later, this was the response
Thank you.  A safe place for my heart to live today.  Often I drift to what might be, or what will never be.  Instead of what I have...enough.

 Earlier in the week I turned to the passage about Elisha and the women who was very poor.  He said get as many pots as possible and God filled everyone of them with oil.  If she had one more pot...that would have been filled too.  His "Enoughness" is adequate for the size of the pot or task or mountain.  He can fill everything we have...even one more empty place.  He is enough.

Thank you for the reminder today.  I needed that.
We are all struggling in our own way. But instead of me telling you all about the awfulness of my struggles, I am going to say this:
Thank you LORD, for Amanda. She is incredibly gifted in the performing arts. Thank you for all of the people who pray for us. Thank you for your grace.
Thank you for my friend. I know that you are working out all of the details. Until then, we will be patient and still knowing that You are God.
Thank you for my family. We can't pick our family. You have given them to us. And with good reason. Thank you for all of them. Teach me how to love them better.
Thank you for The Struggle. Thank you for being ENOUGH.

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Silly Cat, Tucker


Game Night

Curtis and Daniel were so busy trying to negotiate a trade of properties that I slipped under the radar and bought all of the "orange" properties. I also got the red properties. I wiped them out with my barns/hotels. This is the first time in seventeen years that I beat Curtis at Monopoly. It was so much fun!