Monday, March 4, 2013

Reading The Bible

Come near to God and he will come near to you. James 4:8

I was 38 years old before I even owned a Bible. I didn't know how to read the Bible. I didn't know what the name and the numbers with the punctuation after it even meant.

Maybe you feel the same way. That's why I am here to help.

First before you even begin, you need to pray. Ask the Lord to give you eyes to see and ears to hear. Ask Him to prepare your heart for what you are about to read.

Does the Bible seem cryptic to you? It's suppose to be. Only those who have the Spirit will be able to understand it. It is something to be studied.

But if you draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to you!

Do I know the Bible? Some parts. I have memorized verses. I can recite all of the books of the New Testament. (Daniel knows most of the Old Testament as well). Am I a theologian? No, not at all. If you want to debate the Bible, don't choose me. I will back down. For many reasons. The number one reason is that I know My Jesus wouldn't want us arguing over His Word. So I will leave it at that.

Do I know the Bible? Again, some parts. But what I do know is the Author. I spoke to Him this morning.

OK, after you have prayed, open the Bible to the Book of John. Oh I forgot. If you don't have a Bible, click on this link to an on-line Bible). In the search engine, key in John. (or click here). Do not confuse the Book of John with 1 John, 2 John and 3 John. (I did that the first time I read).

The name is the chapter name. The first number is the chapter in the book and the second number is the verse...John 3:16. Go to the book of John and in chapter 3 read verse 16.

And read. Read slowly. Read it over and over again.

Oopps, I forgot something. Prepare yourself to be attacked. Whenever someone is drawing closer to God, you will experience trials.

Why am I teaching you to read the Bible? Because I see you struggling. And no one should choose to struggle. You might say "I don't choose it". But think about it. Jesus came to set the captives free. He died for YOU, for EVERYONE. Not just us who call ourselves Christians, Believers, Followers, Born-Agains. HE DIED FOR EVERYONE.

We don't need to struggle to get free. We are free to struggle...if we choose.

Listen to this.

I love you. I love you enough to tell you all of this. It hurts to see you struggle, to listen to your heartache. It PAINS ME. It grieves my heart. And I want to help you. But all I can do is pray for you. And I do. I pray for you often. Please know that!

Don't you see that God is crazy about you. He is pursuing you with a love like no other. And all you have to is surrender yourself.

So I guess really the question is, "what are you waiting for?"

Fact: You will meet your maker! Do you have an invitation to the After Party? Because you need to know the guest of honor. You need to have a personal relationship with The Man.

Again, I am saying all of this because I love you. And you need to hear the Truth. If you had the antidote to cure someone's sickness wouldn't you share it? I am just sharing the Good News. I am just pointing you towards the Great Physician.

Do you want to get well? Read this!

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