Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Step Away

Man, do I love this face!
It's that crazy time again. Spring. New activities are starting. Others are ending. Time for the competitions and recitals. It's just something every weekend.
Blue and Gold Cub Scouts Banquet

Irish Dance Recital
Pinewood Derby Districts

Today would be the first day of baseball practice. This is what our schedule for the next 2 months would look like.

Sunday - Amanda's music and youth group (5:30 to 9  pm)
Monday - Nothing  (Praise My Almighty LORD)
Tuesday - Baseball (6 - 7) then cub scouts (7 - 8)
Wednesday - Soccer (5:30 - 7 ) and tutor (5- 6)
Thursday - Baseball (7 - 7 ) and Irish Dance (7:30 - 9)
Friday - AWANA (7 - 9) then in a few weeks soccer will start (5 - 6:30)
Saturday - Opening Day of Baseball  - April 13th. Then games for the next 6 weeks.
Sunday - Sunday School (9:30 - 10:30) Church (10:45 - 12:15)
All soccer games are on Sunday afternoons

And we only have two children. And you can see that most of the activities are Daniel's

Really? Who does that to themselves. This was our wacky life last year. I am having a melt-down just typing it all out.

So on Sunday when we received an email about a soccer tournament, I looked at the calendar and said "He can't". OH MY. Did all Holy Heck break loose.

We had a heated discussion (and I always cry). We told Daniel that something had to go. We knew what it would be. It was at the bottom of the list anyway. I love that Daniel loves AWANA first and soccer second.

So, I sent out an email to two of the nicest coaches that we know. We met them three years ago when Daniel started baseball. I called his current coach last night and broke the news to him. Then I announced it on FB.

I'm sad. One Step Away from disappointment. And as you know (if you read my blog on a regular basis) that disappointment is my pit. It's a struggle not to fall in. I love baseball. If I had it my way, Daniel would play baseball in the Spring and soccer in the Fall. But the sports teams want you to play all year around. One year we did.

Talk about insane. We did in-house little league AND travel. Then we went in to summer tournaments and Fall Ball. THEN we did Winter Work-outs. (I am exhausted just typing it all out!)

I called another baseball mommy and talked to her. She has two boys in several sports. She said it does get crazy.

But I am still bummed. We built relationships over 3 years. I just love it!

Last year we had A Character-Building Year with a challenging coach. We learned so many life lessons. And we decided not to play this year. But something happens and Daniel is doing Winter Work-Outs. And he is working specifically on pitching.

My boy is a left-handed pitcher. He is a hot commodity. (And adorable, may I add). And no one is going to see all of the work that the pitching coach did over the winter.

I'm sad. And one step away...

But now he is solely a soccer player. Sweeper position. Soccer is the sport that he is better at. (Well, he is good at both.)

As we were going out the door yesterday, I asked, Are you sad. He said No, immediately. No hesitation. "but others are going to be disappointed". I thought "yeah, like me".

Well, I'm sad, and just one step away from disappointment.

But God is sovereign. Our time is up on the baseball field and we are moving on. And I need to hang on to those truths. And remember that God is just One Step Away.

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  1. Good for you! It's better for Daniel AND better for your family.