Monday, January 21, 2013

It's been three weeks...

since we started the change in our lives.

I have been without coffee for 21 days. At first it was very hard. The baby's parents make awesome coffee and they would leave just enough for about half a cup. I would fill the rest with creamer and a little sugar. Yum.

But come January 1st, the party ended and change began. They still have yummy coffee but I just dump it down the drain. At first, I would look at the coffee pot and want to take a tantrum. Then it got easier. One day I was so frustrated with one of my children I was ready for a cup. That's when I realized it is such an emotional addiction. I dumped it and it was freeing. Just this week, the baby's mommy switched to Hazelnut. Curtis drinks vanilla flavored coffee. I have no desire to drink flavored coffee. Flavored creamer is a different story. But flavored coffee, no thank you.

Just talking about coffee makes me want to have a cup. It's still a battle. You take it day by day.

I have not had "bread" in 21 days. I have had flour tortillas. And Amanda and I had a Girl Night and went to the Olive Garden. I had a breadstick for dinner and then one the next day.

When the food came, I asked the waiter to bring boxes. I split my eggplant parmesan and spaghetti in half and put the other half in the container. From  this site it appears that my little dinner was 850 calories. My soup (pasta e fagioli) was 130 calories. I did eat all of that but the waiter asked if I wanted more. I said, no thank you. (I could have eaten more).

 I couldn't find information on the breadsticks from the Olive Garden site. But this site claims that one breadstick has 150 calories. My raspberry lemonade had 110 calories.

So let's just say that I ate all of my little dinner. Did you catch that in the paragraph above? I called it a "little" dinner because it really was. It was a side of pasta with sauce and three pieces of eggplant. I could have easily eaten it.

1 Breadstick - 150
1 Bowl of Soup - 130
1 Entrée - 850
1 Non-Alcoholic Beverage - 110

1240 calories (whoa). I could have eaten the whole basket of breadsticks (4) and had dessert. What an eye-opener.

Is it hard to pre-plan our meals before going out? No, it is just slightly time consuming. You first have to decide what you want and then you have to find the appropriate site and then you have to do MATH, yuck!

Change is hard. That's why we don't do it. It's work. Sometimes we do it for a few days. Then we backslide in to our old ways. It's like anything else in our lives...getting up for work, reading our Bible, consistently praying (and not just when we think we won't be on time or that our bank account might be overdrawn). EXERCISING. How's that word grab you? Yeah, me too. It's just one more thing I HAVE to do. Not want, have.

I have been doing a 16 minute fast pace walking video once the little guy goes to sleep. I want to sit down and watch HGTV but if I don't invest 16 minutes in to my morning, it's harder to do the work-out during the afternoon nap.

Everything we do is discipline (except sinning, that just comes naturally). I have my books in front of me on the coffee table. I have to force myself to put on cartoons when the baby is sleeping (after the work-out) so that I won't watch T.V. Let me tell you, tough. I watched Sophia the First with the volume down instead of reading my James Bible Study. Oh yes, and the Lion King 1 1/2.

I wanted to sleep in on Saturday. It's my only day to sleep in. I deserved it, right? But nooo, the Lord had me awake at 5:40. Sometimes if I pray, I fall asleep. Does that happen to you?

Father God,
You are an amazing God.
I confess...zzzzzz

Well, I tried that and at 6:20 came to the conclusion that I needed to get up and go to the chiropractor. Dr. Tom is such a huge part of why I stay healthy. I don't know if you believe in preventative care, but when I am going for adjustments on a regular basis, I have no health issues.

I have to praise the Lord also. It's not just me talking care of myself. It's God taking care of me.

So anyway, back to my progress. I have not had dessert in 21 days. No chocolate. No cookies. No cupcakes or cake (even on my Dad's birthday. Even on Curtis' birthday), no pie, no ice-cream, no anything classified as a dessert! Do I miss it? Honestly, there has been some difficult times. But if it's not in the house I am forced to go buy it. Which I am not. I have to go to a restaurant and order it. Which I am not.

I am eating more fruit, more salads, more vegetables. I am making good choices.

I feel so much better.

I will update you on Mike and JeannieHopes progress when I hear from her. Curtis has lost 10 pounds in the last 21.

(Oh and by the way, I have only lost 1.7 pounds in the last 21 days. That is why I am not weighing myself or making this about weight loss because that is discouraging to me.)

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