Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fifteen Days In

From JeannieHopes:

Down 3.6 pounds so far...lots more to go but I'm happy to see the scale moving in the right direction!


My Tips to Successful Water Consumption

  1. Have a designated water cup.
  2. Know how much it holds.
  3. Have one that holds at least 16 oz.
  4. Drink one before breakfast to start your day well.
  5. Keep it in sight.
  6. Keep it full.
  7. The goal is to drink two more before dinner.
  8. Try using a straw.

I want coffee.

I have been without desserts for fifteen days with the exception of my Aunt Virg's banana bread. I did have a few slices over the weekend with butter.

I have been eating a lot of fruits, more vegetables, and salads. I have not had sandwich bread. However, I have NOT given up flour tortillas on taco night.

I have not had chocolate in fifteen days. I have not had ice-cream in fifteen days. I have not had cupcakes, cookies, pie or cake or coffee in FIFTEEN DAYS.

It's still really hard. I want it all. I am not happy about eating an apple and orange as a snack. I place them on the counter and just glare at them as I pour the yummy coffee down the drain.

I feel better. That's the trade off!

I don't think I have lost any weight because my pants don't feel any different. I have decided not to get on the scale until Day 21. I really don't want to be defeated by a number. And this is not about a number. I am ok with 125. I just don't want my pants to be tight.

I have started exercising. There is a 16-Minute video on-demand called "quick pace walking". I don't break a sweat (because I don't really sweat unless it is over 90 degrees) but I do get out of breath.

I have done the video with the baby watching. He thinks I am funny. I bet I look funny. But usually when he falls asleep I exercise instead of watching HGTV (my channel of choice now). I had to give up watching The Food Network for obvious reasons.

Curtis has lost 8 pounds. Hooray for him.

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  1. Way to go friend!!!! Great job...I did this last year no bread or sugar for 8 months, but couldn't give up the coffee ;) I got my weight down to where ti use to be 118, and have remained there. I need to since I was sitting at 130! I felt better, and had more energy! So good for you! I'm now off coffee, but eating some sugar. funny I don't care for bread now...go figure!?

    Glad to know your doing so well...your in our prayers daily!