Friday, November 30, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankfulness Day 30

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is December 1st. It was just yesterday that I was talking about Halloween candy with my neighbor. Where did October and November go? Life is moving quickly. A little too quickly.

I am thankful for sooo much. Twenty six letters didn't even touch the surface.

I am thankful that we only have two children because HOMEWORK is killing me. I know that I shouldn't complain. "Do all things without complaining" but it will be the death of me one morning. I love how it brings the worst out of Curtis and I.

I was thinking about it. God did not give me a big brain. But He did give me patience.

God gave Curtis a brain the size of Texas. But fell short in the patience department.

I am thankful that we balance each other out!

I hope you enjoyed this month's posts. I also hope that it helped you count your blessings.

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