Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 19


On Day 10, I posted that I was thankful for JEANNETTE, my sister. 

But I have another sibling, Michael.

Michael is two years older. Jeannette is two years younger. That makes me the middle child. (Oh now you are thinking that it all makes sense knowing my birth order). Ha ha, very funny.

We have had our normal sibling issues but nothing every lasted long. We have had our disagreements and difference of opinions but we always put our feelings aside because LOVE always wins.

Jeannette, well you know about Jeannette. She is just the hardest working person that you will ever meet. She worked full time at the day care, took care of her family AND went to school at night to get her RN.

Michael is just like my dad, a hard working family man. His wife and sons are everything to him. He would do anything for anyone. He would give the shirt off his back if you asked for it.

He is the son that makes a parent proud.

These two people live not too far away (35 miles) but with our jobs and children and activities, we are prevented from getting together. We see each other every few months but you better believe that if I put something on here that sounds questionable, Michael is on the phone calling me to see if I am OK.


I am thankful that God gave me TWO Siblings and that they are these two!

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