Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 11

I have to do the obvious in my mind and say KITTIES. I am thankful for my kitties.

I am not an animal person. I could have never seen us with a cat. But nine years ago, Curtis thought we needed to get our five year old daughter a kitten. I was against it from the start. He said "it will be her best Christmas ever!" So we add Reilly to our family. She was the Nasty cat that would hiss at people. Then she started to do the psycho sounds of the Steven King cat Church in Pet Cemetery.

Then one day I asked Curtis if we could get more kitties. He must have been out of his mind to say yes. We contacted the rescue and brought home Dash. We didn't know he was sick until about a week later. He died after about six weeks. We waited for the call for another kitty. I was so set on a female tuxedo. When we arrive, it was a white male cat with black mixed in. I said no. Daniel said yes. The kitten came over to me and snuggled in my jacket. Daniel wanted this one.

Tucker was about two pounds when we brought him home a year ago. Now he is one FAT fourteen pound kitty. He terrorizes the girl cat (that's what we call them...boy cat and girl cat). He jumps on my counters. He tries to get outside at every opportunity he can and hides under my car. But I LOVE him. He meets me in the bathroom at 3 am to rub against my leg. He follows me around the house just like a dog. 

It's the little things like a bump to my knee when I am watching t.v. to say "feed me" or the little chirping meow to let me know that he wants attention that I am thankful for.

November 2011

November 2012

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