Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20 of Thankfulness

T is my letter AND it is in my favorite color pink!

T is for TALENT. I am thankful for the talent that my children have been blessed with. 

Amanda is my inner child. She is the kind of kid that I always wanted to be. She makes friends very easily. She is beautiful, blonde and has straight hair. She can play the piano by ear and sings like an angel (or so we have been told). And let's not forget her ability to dance. When I dance, I am sure I look like Seinfeld's Elaine. Amanda has always been able to bust a move. She has been taking professional Irish dance lessons for nine years.

Daniel does all things classified as "athletics" with ease. He has been playing baseball for three years. Last September, he thought he would try soccer and guess what? He excelled. He can golf and bowls like a professional. He made us all look bad this past weekend when we were in Lancaster for a soccer tournament. Our night time activity was bowling. Daniel had so many strikes that we lost count!

Curtis and I like to brag about our children. I think it is more like "can you believe that these two are products of us?!" Ha ha ha.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with two amazingly talented children.

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