Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crazy Good Glaze

I was looking for a glaze for cooked carrots. I found one but didn't have Rosemary, so my substitute was this little gem of a "spice".

And of course, I share. So give it a try. Amanda and Curtis were practically licking their plates. Actually, Amanda didn't eat the carrots. She just scooped the glaze on top of the boiled potatoes.


1 TB Butter
1 TB Oil
2 TB Honey
Kosher Salt
Citrus & Basil Rub

The recipe that I found on line called for Red Wine Vinegar. I had Acai Pomegranate. Oh, I am so fancy. (Well not really. It expired in March but I am using it anyway.)

Try this and tell me what you decided to use it with. The ideas are unlimited!

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