Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Soccer & Seafood Bake

Team Patriot FC

I received a text from the chef earlier in the week about having a seafood bake.

Chef and Little Chef (Ratatouille is on right now)

The elegant place setting.

This was the first time using my new napkin holders. I didn't even know how to. 
The chef created this beautiful thing. (He is a much better wife than I).

I bought them in Cooperstown for $2.99 each. Cute.

Daniel named his "live" friends Yum and Yummy.

Chef Curtis has created yet another masterpiece. Red bliss potatoes, mini corn on the cob, clams, crab legs, shrimp and of course Yum and Yummy.

Need I say more!

At 4:45, Chef realized that we were going to have an ENORMOUS amount of food.  He said call someone.  Our neighbors (Bob, Heather and Robert) were able to join us in this impromptu invitation. (We saved them from turkey burgers). And the best part is they provided my favorite part of the meal, dessert! Thanks, friends for the ice-cream.

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