Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Day of Summer

And I am emotional already. I think I am hormonal on top of that. So not fair.

What to do on the last day of summer? Well Amanda will be getting a new hair style for a new school. She is  starting high school tomorrow. And this is the style she likes (click here).

The back packs are ready. I will gather lunch supplies later. The clothes are all laid out. What to do? What to do?

While I am waiting for the Princess to get out of the shower (it could be a while), I am checking FB. Currently Amanda is singing the Star Spangled Banner. She was asked to sing it in October at a football game. We don't have any details yet but she has been practicing since she found out yesterday.

OK, so getting back to FB. Everyone is posting pictures of their children starting school. Some have started last week. Some have started today. It was a picture of "Joey" that sent me over the edge. The comment was simple: 1st Day of First Grade.  I cried. A lot. Until the tears ran down my face. When did he get so big? It was yesterday that he was in my sister's two year old class.

Time marches on. It slows for no one. I read on someone's page that the days go slowly but the years go fast. So true.

So today I want to just enjoy the moments with Amanda and Daniel.

I have trim to paint in Amanda's room. It can wait.
I have laundry to fold. It can wait.
I have bills to pay. It can wait.

Tomorrow I will be here by myself (with the cats). I can do it tomorrow. Why do it today when I can put if off until tomorrow. Right?

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