Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catch Phrases

Do you have one? Something that rings through your brain to bring you back to center, ground you or calm your stormy heart?

Mine is "Jesus is Lord".

Recently, I had a conversation with JeannieHopes. She said that she is watching her food intake with her husband. Then she said, "He said to me, you don't need to eat that pizza because you already know what it taste like."

Simple. Genius actually!

I, too, am watching my intake. Summer is when I gain. Everyone else in the world loses because they are more active. Winter clothes covers winter weight. Not me. I lose in the winter. Summer weight is all about one thing. S'mores. I don't eat s'mores in the winter. I don't eat fudge either. We also eat more grilled things like hot dogs and hamburgers in the summer.

So this phrase has been working. I was dishing out ice-cream on Monday night for the children and thought about getting some for myself. Then I thought, "No. I already know what it taste like."

That was it. Oh yes. My two wires connected inside my brain.


How about you? What works for you?

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