Thursday, September 6, 2012

And Daniel!

Yesterday Daniel started fifth grade. After Daniel and his buddy went in the school, I turned to his buddies mother (who is my buddy!) and said "This is the last time we will walk our boys to school on the first day." She said, STOP.

We went back to her house and talked and prayed for the children. Then we were talking about how quickly time moves. I said "you will never look back and say I wish I had worked more". Then I started to cry. She said STOP. Then I said "it was just yesterday and they were three and we were going to Bible study". Then I cried more. She said STOP. So, I pulled myself together.

This morning the boys rode their bikes to school alone at 8:40 am. They are both on the safety patrol so they will not leave school until 3:55 pm. They will come home together without a parent.

So a page has turned and a chapter closed. I have been walking to the elementary school since 2003. Oh my. It's been a lifetime and now it's over. (Waaah) are the pictures of Daniel. It was also the first year that I didn't get a picture of Amanda and Daniel together. It was dark when Amanda left. I will have to stage photos!

September 5 - 5th Grade

Still so agreeable to pose with Momma.

Daniel and Eric
Now he's faking a smile.

Smile nicely or I will take 15 pictures instead of one.

Thanks for the outfit Mom Mom.


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  1. No more tears for us, mama, we've got to pull ourselves together! I can't think about it anymore or I'll just keep crying!