Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have noticed that I am blogging less and less. Just an observation. Did you notice?


This post was written three years ago. Three things are funny/odd about it.

1. It mentions going to Kentucky.

The "girls" are going for a week. Those girls are me and Amanda. Jeannette and Kayla and my Mom and Aunt Virgie. What a road trip this will be.

Daniel and Curtis' week will be filled with tournament baseball and lack of routine, I'm sure.

2. It mentions a muffin recipe.

This morning I made that recipe. It truly is fool proof. I doubled it which is always chancing it. They came out  super yummy. Amanda won't eat bananas or anything with bananas in it. But she eats these. She would NEVER eat oatmeal. She loves these. I think the chocolate chips help!

3. It mentions Daniel's up coming birthday. (He was turning 7!)

This was the last time he had a birthday party. He will be turning 10 on August 9th. I decided to give him a pool party. For the last several years, we are on vacation during his actual day. This year we are in Cooperstown NY, so it will be on the 11th.  Also, two of his good buddies are on vacation at that time as well. But not this year!

Looking back is so bittersweet. He is so little looking in the picture. Time marches on!

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  1. Yeah I think we go through seasons with the blogs; I'm definitely not feeling it lately. I may have to try that recipe!