Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Basket Case

I am very close to having a major melt-down and I am blaming the three I live with.

The lack of organization is setting me off. Oh and I am hormonal.

It's been three days of aggravation and inconvenience. So I am searching for the sin in my heart. Because I know when I feel like this, God is working out the junk. And boy is He doing a work in me.

Thursday night, Daniel and I show up at soccer ten minutes early. This is amazing because I am usually anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes early. As I pull in to the park, I notice something odd. There is not ONE SINGLE PERSON there. So I am thinking and feeling that this is very wrong.

Another person finally comes and he asks if practice was cancelled. Amanda is at home reading the email to me because I do not have a "smart" phone with email on it. But the guy does. Amanda reads no practice. The guy said, "it doesn't say that." LOL. He text one coach. I call another. And we decided to call it a night. As I am pulling out of the park, he is waiting to tell me that the location has been changed to another park just 10 minutes down the road. I follow him (to the best of my driving skills) in his expensive convertible sports car. "River Road" is windy. I am trying to keep up in my four-door old lady car. Yikes! I don't go over the speed limit either.

Once we arrive, it takes us about one minute to realize that Daniel left his water and shin guards at the other field. Now he can't play at all. Great. What a waste of time! As we walk to the coach to apologize for being late and not staying because we are unprepared, another father says, "we have an extra pair". Daniel stays. I sneak away to drive BACK down the windy road, get the water and shin guards, go out the exit that says DO NOT ENTER and get back to drop them off. It is now 25 minutes since practice started.

I am watching for a little bit and trying to get Daniel's attention to leave his water so I can sneak off and sit in my car. The coach says "I've met your husband but I don't think we have met. Are you staying?" I told him that I was going to sit in my car and scream but thanks anyway.

I think that I would have been able to laugh this off as "life happens" but Wednesday night was much of the same. We arrive at the baseball field ten minutes early (really, I need to just be late sometimes!) with no glove or hat. They are in Curtis' truck and Curtis is at the dentist's office. It's at this moment that I tell the children to get out. Just get out so I can scream. They leave. I have my mini melt-down, quote scripture and take a few deep breathes. Then Curtis pulls up. All is well and life goes on. Daniel's team did well and won to end the night well.

But you forget all that until Thursday arrives and it's the same song and dance.

I am telling Curtis the events of our soccer fiasco, and how there are bees at the one field so we had to go to another location. From the other room, I hear the words "yeah, I heard that." You heard that?! From who? Then he says the words...I got an email. Oh man. It was all I could do to keep it in. I said, "you got an email and didn't forward it?" He has recently been receiving emails that I have not. He forwards me all kinds of emails about registering for camps etc. I have messed up in the past so this incident doesn't make me look too good.

Ah yes. That's it. It makes me look like a fool. Pride. My lousy image. I knew there was junk in my heart. It's just taken me three days to recognize it.

Then comes Friday night. It's 6:10 and I have to take Amanda to her dress rehearsal at 6:30. As we are walking out the door she says "where is it?" OH MY GOSH. I am ready to explode. How am I suppose to know where it is? I call the voice teacher and leave a message. When we arrive her car is not there. I am slightly early (of course). We wait until 6:35 but it is obvious that we are not at the correct location, (AGAIN)! I make an attempt to see if anyone is in the studio and has her cell number. No dice. I call Curtis. I am ready to lose my mind. He says, "Oh well. Come watch the game." And that is exactly what I did. I was beginning to have that mommy guilt. A small voice was telling me to go home, map quest the location. Drive her 30 minutes to the location. At this point she may be an hour late. I squelch that voice and decide to go to the game.

Amanda needs to know that she has to be responsible for her events. She will learn the hard way. I will not place responsibility on myself. I won't!

I am getting wiser as I age.

At 9 pm last night, I announce that there will be a baseball game in twelve hours and I will not be part of the "search for the required uniform" game we play. This morning, I announced that again.

I have a system. I have a key basket, a hat basket and a shoe basket. There is a soccer basket and a baseball basket. There is a Tuesday Night basket (cub scouts and voice). I have little hooks in the kitchen. I have a place for the cell phones. I write things on a dry erase board. I have two calendars, a portable one and a "Master" calendar on the front of the frig. I explained this to Curtis this morning. Him and the children can create their own system, but for me, I like baskets. He said, "you are a basket case." Ha ha. We both laughed. I told him that I would blog that because I like it. And it's true.

How do you get organized? Is your family as scattered as mine? Please share and make me feel better.

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