Monday, June 25, 2012

Stationery card

Believe In Dreams Graduation Announcement
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Made this as a thank you card. Shutterfly says that they will send you a $10 coupon if you share it to your blog. 
Giving it a try..thanks for viewing it!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Cooking

Food, Friends and Fun

(just the food pictures however).

Amanda made this for Father's Day. She cut out the letters and ironed them on all by herself.


Shrimp and scallops

Crab legs


Avocado Salsa (I made this).

Served with Angle Hair Pasta.

Wipe the drool off your chin. Yes, it was as good as it looks!

We spent $70 at Giant. There was five of us. Everyone had seconds. Some people had thirds. There is a big bowl of pasta and scallops in my frig. Staying home and eating at the Cafe is cheaper and more enjoyable than any restaurant I know!

("Reservations will be taken two weeks in advance." That was the response when my friend asked if he does take-out). You must bring your own beverage and bread (if you wish).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eighth Grade Move-up Ceremony

On Sunday, May 27th, Amanda and I hit the mall to find a dress. Before we went in, I stopped her and I prayed...

Dear Lord,
Please let us find the right dress at the right price. We don't want to spend more than $40. Amen

Once inside, Amanda reminded me that I didn't ask that it match her sparkly blue hat. So I added that part.

AND it had to be modest.

We went to JC Penny's, Delia's, DEB, and Sears. JC Penny's didn't have anything to go with her hat so we left right away. Delia's had a very small selection. DEB's prices were ridiculous. I'm talking $60 and up. When we got to Sears, Amanda actually found four dresses she like. I threw in two that I liked. Of course once she had my choices on, she didn't like them. The one that both of us loves was the last one she tried on. It was perfect! With one exception. It had a plunging neck line. I looked for something to go under it but didn't really have luck. On our way to the register we saw the perfect tank. But of course it was a medium. But now we knew what to look for.

The dress was $68.00, marked down to $34.99. The customer service rep said I could save $15 if I opened a charge account. Usually, I say no but this time, what the heck! So we got the dress for $19.99!

We went to Charlotte Russe and Amanda tried on three more tanks, size small. All too big. So we were going to try Forever 21 to see if we could find an extra small tank. As we walked by a store, Amanda said "I see a sparkly top". Great. It was Wet Seal. We have never shopped there.

Amanda tried on the tank and it fit perfectly and looked fantastic. It cost $16.91. We came in under budget by $3.82!

I was so excited that I said she could get jewelry. We bought the earrings and bracelet at Forever 21 and the necklace at Claires. The total for jewelry was $23.

AND, she already has heels to go with the outfit.

It was such a wonderful two and a half hours. I feel that I am doing a good job of teaching Amanda how to find a bargain and not just going to the mall and blowing her money. The best part of the whole experience is that she did not complain once. She was simply lovely. My little Proverbs 31 woman in training!

Yesterday she "moved up" in a ceremony to honor the eighth graders. I was wonderful. My mom, four aunts and Curtis all attended. I cried during the reflection speech and the slide show.  I know have a freshman. I can't believe how quickly the last nine years have gone.

Aunt Alice from Indiana

Aunt Evia from Kentucky (and Mom Mom)

Aunt Virgie and Aunt Liza (from Kentucky)

Amanda received an award for Honors Choir, Reading Olympics and November's Student of the month.

She had the best year ever. She had a fantastic team of teachers that never let the contract issues come in the way of receiving a good education. I am sad to have to start over again with a new school and new teachers. But I am so excited for Amanda to moving on to bigger things.

It was definitely a bitter sweet day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fifteen Years of Gardening

We moved in to this house in July of 1997. I have not worked on this flower bed every spring but I have for many years. If I had to guess, I would say that for at least ten years I have been creating and recreating the design.

We had several beds to work on when we moved in. All of them had white stone. We removed those. I have phased out almost all of the beds except for four. This is the the largest, approximately 9 feet by 18 feet.

We recently had our underground oil tank removed. I was so thankful when they dug the entire bed up. I thought "oh, we should pave it and make a patio". Curtis hated that idea. I just wanted to call it a day. It looked like this for several weeks.

Attractive, right?

Last week, I finally got up the motivation to work on it. Curtis said I could do whatever I wanted.

After 15 years, I got smart and put the black cloth down before I mulched. See Tucker helping.I went to Lowes twice before Daniel came to help in his pajamas and bare feet.

Daniel unloaded seven bags of mulch.

He used the maddox and dug up the roots from the previous hostas. 

Then he went inside to have Tucker time.

I planed four identical pink azalea bushes.  Daniel said color was needed and picked out five annuals: Zinnia, Solanna Coreopsis, Moss Rose, Calibrachoa, and Salsa Coreopsis.

I went with black mulch this year. The last few years it has been the red mulch.

This is my purple garden. 

I chose the dragonfly because it reminds me of Jeannie Hopes. She has a tattoo on her foot which reminds me of my Dad. It's something that will make me smile every time I see it.

I had thought that I wanted larger stones to edge the bed but didn't know where to get them. I didn't want to spend a ton of money either. These edging rocks cost $50 total.

The entire investment was close to $400 but it is done. I don't have to spend a ton of money or time in the years to come. That was my ultimate goal. In years past, I would work on it in my free time. But now I have an athlete and a performer. Baseball's regular season is over. The summer tournaments have already started.

This corner of the garden was looking a little bare, so I moved this pot from the back yard. When I left the day care one of my student's mommy gave me the pansies. Pansies are my favorite. I bought this stone again because of the dragonfly.

I have one long bed in the back yard and a memorial garden for Curtis' mother.

 The fourth small spot currently has three strawberry plants. 

I like to garden but it just doesn't fit in to my busy life right now. In the future, I would like to have a vegetable garden. Hey, everyone needs a goal, right?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Team 2012

(not photographed, Mike)

More photos and account of events to come.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Tomorrow became today! Today June 15th at 9 am, 
Relay begins. 

I haven't received any on line donations. But that could be because I didn't ask anyone to donate this way. I sent out 50 letters through the USPS. But please feel free to click HERE and donate!