Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stumbling INTO grace

Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman by Lisa Harper


Part 1: Real Life

1. Ewe Scared: Jesus and Scary Things
2. The Very Real Problem With Pantyhose: Jesus and Binding Things
3. Take a Load Off: Jesus and Fattening Things
4. No Fangs Allowed: Jesus and Dangerous Things
5. Cat Appreciation Day: Jesus and Little, Sweet Things

(This chapter had me in sad tears!)

Part 2: Real Gifts

6. Johnny come Lately: Jesus and the Gift of Forgiveness
7. Getting Our Squeeze On: Jesus and the Gift of Touch
8. The Bride Who Tripped Down the Aisle: Jesus and the Gift of Good Humor

(This chapter almost had the tears running down my legs. Hilarious!)

9. Who's Got Your Back?: Jesus and the Gift of Community
10. Busyness Isn't A Spiritual Gift: Jesus and the Gift of Rest

Part 3: Real Growth

11. Empathizing With Enemies: how Jesus Helps Us Become Less Critical
12. Liar, Liar! Pants on Fire! How Jesus Helps Us Become More Honest
13. Putting Down The Pen: How Jesus Helps Us Become More Content
14. Carrying Home a Giant: How Jesus Helps Us Become More Dependent

(This chapter again had me in sad tears!)

15. The Galvanizing Effect of Gratitude: How Jesus Helps Us Become More Grateful

Each chapter begins the same: So, today I've been thinking about...

I loved the book! This is the book I bought at the ladies retreat last month. It took me less than a month to read it, which is huge for me. This is also the book that is autographed with the scripture Zeph. 3:17 in the front.

I underlined certain things that stood out to me. Here is just a few:

"Buckling under the weight of my own life is what helped me fall into the arms of God. I didn't just stumble into His grace. I collapsed there in a messy heap and you now what? It's by far the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"We can become more dependent on God by trusting Him with the full weight of our lives."

We can become more content by giving God the sole authorship of our biographies."

"Most of us still water the plant of self-righteousness on the windowsill of our heart." 

LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote because it is so true for me.

"The older I get, the more convinced I am the admittedly flawed sinners are the most credible witnesses of Jesus, because people with scars can't fake more perfection. It's glaringly apparent we can't save ourselves".

"I'm learning that the roots of gratitude grow deepest in the sober soil of remembering how hopeless my life is without God."

"We become more grateful by searching for God's goodness and mercy in the oft-present ruins of everyday life."

 “I think intentional gratitude, especially for the small gifts that come wrapped in ordinary paper (or fur), is a necessary ingredient to living out an authentically joyful story.  When we recognize that clean water, cold watermelon, red leaves in October, warm coats on cold days, and even a cat purring against one’s legs are small demonstrations of our Redeemer’s plan to bless mankind, it cements our hope and security.  It anchors our prone-to-wander hearts to the truth of God’s sovereign goodness and grace and to the fact that, regardless of what we’re currently walking through, we can rest in His absolute affection”

"Christians have to make Christ our main course, not a side dish. The Bread of Life must become the biggest thing on our plate. Nothing tastes as good as being loved by Jesus feels."

My next book...Well I have never finished "Becoming a Woman who Pleases God." That's a really slow read because there is so much scripture to look up. You really have to meditate on it. 

So I think I will read:

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  1. Both books sound AMAZING. I'm not a huge non-fiction person. I tend to read them very slowly and that's very hard for me. But again, both sound very good.