Saturday, May 19, 2012

Proud Momma

I looked back at my calendar and it's hard to believe that we have only played six games. Maybe I am counting wrong. But this has been the LONGEST month of our lives. I have prayed soooo much about this topic that it almost seems RIDICULOUS. I mean, there are bigger things in my life than little league. There are bigger things in the world than little league. But I know that God cares about every little detail and He knows my heart before I even utter the prayer. 

And He knows that I have not been able to share this with you because it was just so stressful and heartbreaking.

We have learned a lot in the last month. We have learned patience. We have learned tolerance. We have learned the power of positive thinking. We have learned the necessity of encouragement.

Daniel has not had a very good month. He LOVES baseball but he has not been loving it this time. There are many challenges. But life is filled with challenges. Thursday night Daniel had a great game in the out field. But he has not gotten a hit yet. He can hit well. He hits really well when the pitches are fast. But as he approaches the plate, he is already defeated. Thursday after the game we talked about all of his great plays and all he said was, "yeah but I struck out." 

Last night at bedtime, Daniel said "I don't want to play tomorrow." My heart was just aching for him.

Did you know that it takes five positive comments to counteract that one negative comment?

Yesterday morning we watched Facing the Giants. Then this morning I played two scenes for Curtis to watch with Daniel. There is a line from the movie from a father talking to his discouraged son. He asks his son if he did his best and his son says "I knew I was going to miss it before I kicked it." His father's response is, "Your actions will always follow your beliefs. If you accept defeat, then that's what you will get."

Curtis said "That's you, dude."

So the team was guided by the assistant coach and the LOVE OF MY LIFE, Coach Curtis, today for the first time. His debut had him nervous as could be. The team that has been playing for the last five games DID NOT show up this morning. A completely different group of boys were out there with confidence and enthusiasm. Boys that have yet to get a hit, hit the ball. Boys who were scared of the ball had the courage to go after it. And Daniel was one of those hitters. He had a beautiful hit out to center field! It was so overdue.

I didn't even know what the score was because it didn't matter. They were winners in my mind. So when the team was up one run in the bottom of the last inning, it turned in to quite a nail biter. Curtis said he wanted to throw up. 

There were two kids on base (the tying and winning run) and two strikes on the batter, when the batter hits a fly ball out to center field!

MY KID made a diving "shoestring catch" (per Curtis) to end the game. You would have thought it was the World Series. The team, coaches and crowd went wild.

shoestring catch
n. Sports
A running catch made near the ground.

I was so choked up with emotion that I started to cry. It was awesome. It was the best game that they have played this month. 

So, if we win, we praise Him. If we lose, we praise Him. And I am definitely praising Him double time today. I am in awe of the emotions that the Lord has given me. I love that my eyes leak when my heart is overflowing. I love that baseball can do that to me, especially baseball that my son is playing. 

This is the baseball that our family loves. This is the baseball that we have been missing for the last month. And everything happens for a reason. My God is sovereign and He has had His arm around us the whole time.

With only three games left, nothing can deflate us now!

Our athletic associations pledge:


I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best

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