Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Today to celebrate our totally amazing, generous and loving Mom..Theresa and I took our Mom to The Melting Pot! It was her first time there and she called it The Dipping Pot when she told her sister where she was going, lol! And because we love our daughters (and just love to spend money on them..ahem!) we took our two girls!

Seriously though, Kayla enjoys fine food and the one food she can't live without would be cheese! Amanda is a cheese fiend too..they both would have been fine with a pot of cheese fondue and spoons! Everyone enjoyed the salads too (except Amanda who does not eat anything green)

Below is some advice in case you ever find yourself at The Melting would have helped us too, ha!

Fondue Etiquette
After you spear a small piece of bread, dip it into the fondue to coat it with cheese. Remove it, but hold it over the pot for a few seconds to allow the extra cheese to fall back into the pot instead of all over your hands and face. This also gives the cheese time to cool.

If you are really worried about dripping, you can bring the bite to your mouth with a small plate underneath it. Or remove it entirely from the fork and put it on the plate. These steps are, for the most part, unnecessary and take a bit of the fun out of fondue.

*We didn't blow these pieces of advice, yippee!

Don’t double dip
Dipping a morsel of food, taking a bite and then dipping it back into the pot is just as bad as touching the fondue fork with your mouth. Make sure you cover the bread with enough cheese the first time, and you will have no reason to double dip.

*I didn't notice anyone double dipping! We were all related but still..germs, yuck!

Don’t dip with your fingers
Besides being incredibly unnecessary and rude, dipping your fingers into a pot of steaming, melted cheese isn’t the safest thing to do.

*Kayla did pick up a cooked piece of steak with her fingers to eat though! At $40 a pop, I think that's allowed!

Don’t lose your food in the pot
Well, it’s not rude or anything, but you should be aware that tradition dictates that the person who loses food in the pot has to buy a round of drinks or the next pot of fondue.

Eating meat fondue
Spear the raw meat so the ends of the fork protrude slightly through the meat. This will keep the meat from burning and sticking to the bottom of the fondue pot.

Unlike cheese fondue, meat should be removed from the fondue fork and put on a plate before eating.

Meat fondue is usually accompanied by small dishes of sauce. Use a regular dining fork to dip the cooked meat into the sauce. Once again, no double dipping!

*This is where our trouble and barbarian behavior was displayed! No one ever told us to cook our meat/seafood while on the fondue fork! We tossed all of it in the pot and used the "rescue spoon" to fish it out! It wasn't until we looked at several other tables doing it the correct and dignified way that we learned of our lack of manners! But really, I don't care because the food was fabulously cooked!!

As for buying the next round of drinks...we had water, except the girls (who had sodas)! We joked with them at the end that it was their sodas that took the bill over the top..and Kayla pulled the $3 out to pay for hers (wow, she is gullible; I had to tell her later that it was a joke!)

Another tradition says that a woman who drops food in the pot has to kiss the person next to her. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on her fellow diners.

*Not a problem here; except maybe for Kayla as she's not a touchy feely type of kid! But there definitely were hugs and kisses as we bid farewell at the end of the night!

So MAYBE we should have read this article before going to The Melting Pot for Mother's Day today, lol. But I can definitely say that we enjoyed ourselves..even if it was a bit stressful cooking our entrees! (This time went much better than the first time Theresa and I went..when we babbled so much that the food was either undercooked or overcooked and lost in the pot!)

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