Saturday, March 24, 2012

World Down syndrome Day

I missed it. It was on March 21st...3/21. That is the third month to symbolize the third copy of the 21st chromosome in Down syndrome.

Did you know it is DOWN not Down's? I didn't know that for a very long time

(Big D, little s).

This is Jonathan Munck. His mother is my blog friend, Laura.

In honor of her wonderful son, she is giving away the Signing Time set. Amanda is very interested in sign language. She knows a good amount of words. Her teacher will sometimes teach a few words to the students, as his wife is deaf. What is funny is that when I was her age, I wanted to be a teacher for the hearing impaired. There was a Sunday morning show that would teach Sunshine on my shoulder and I still remember a few of the words.

OK, stop laughing. I know you are laughing at me because this song is soooo old. And John Denver is soooo...well what is he? OLD. John Denver wasn't G-rated. He was SQEAKY! And Yes. I liked this song. And I still do. So pick yourself up off of the floor because I know you are crying because you are laughing so hard!

Anyway...please visit Jonathan's blog as well as these precious girls, Kennedy and Kellsey. They are a blessing to everyone who "meets" them!


  1. Oh love this post! How sweet of you to post this, and I too love the special K's!

    Way to go with Amanda and the sign language! Now as for the song, I know it well...and I loved John Denver..LOL, yep, shows my age too ;)

    Hugs to you~~

  2. I loved John Denver as well! (Although he's not old, he's dead and has been for a long time.)

  3. I remember vividly you signing that song! Multiple Mom cracked me up with her comment... I have met (in person) one boy with Down Syndrome this year through work. He is fourteen and is awesome. I love his hugs, "singing" and laughs. He is non-verbal for the most part but it doesn't matter a bit..he makes his needs and feelings known. And when he requests to dance with or hug know that you are special and that is something a lot of people miss in their days. I am so glad I've met him and all the other children with Down Syndrome through blogs.