Saturday, March 10, 2012

Four Days of Fabulous since I am Four (plus forty)

This is Phyllo with fresh berries served on top of mango sherbet. 


From Sarah
From Jenny

Cheryl and Steve

Rick and Jenny

Are Mom's eyes shut? LOL. I didn't even notice!

Me and My Irish Dancer (she is taller than me if you haven't noticed)

It's a dining experience that you have to try at least once!

We all have eighth graders.

This is the love of my life who has allowed me to put his picture out here (this one time).

Breakfast on Wednesday. Dinner (no pictures, I ate it) and dessert at Cafe Curtis.

Flowers by two of my friends on Thursday and Friday.

Dinner Friday Night at NaBrasa.

Saturday, the County St. Patrick's Day Parade and then a visit to Mom Mom's. She made my favorite childhood dessert which is Nilla Banana Pudding!

I love birthdays, especially when it's mine!

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  1. Sorry :( I'm behind!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!! May the Lord be with you in the year ahead giving you great wisdom and His great grace!